Funeral Funds


​When a person dies without means to pay the necessary costs of burial, nor any relatives with sufficient resources to procure the burial, the county will cover necessary expenses for a decent burial of the person’s remains. Policies pertaining to burials are at the discretion of the County Board to the extent that they do not conflict with special provisions in state law for MFIP burials. A burial is considered an MFIP burial if the deceased was a recipient of MFIP at the time of death. Otherwise, the burial is a County Relief burial using all county funds.

Freedom of choice in the selection of a funeral director will be granted to persons lawfully authorized to make arrangements. It is the responsibility of the Coroner’s office to make the arrangements for burial of persons without identified family or other concerned persons. Financial Workers may assist the Coroner’s office in identifying next of kin.

It is important that the agency be contacted prior the funeral. However, the agency will consider payment for funerals held up to 21 days prior to contact.


​(Up To)

Funeral Home Services (includes Professional Services Reviewal, and Memorial Service)
          Stillborn to 1 Year
          1 Year to 12 Years
          12 Year to Adult
Vault & Installation
Cemetery Lot
Opening & Closing
Overall Maximum*
- - -
          Stillborn to 1 Year
          1 Year to 12 Years
          12 Years to Adult
* Additional payment for oversized casket
MFIP burial payments may exceed these amounts if the Cemetery Lot, Opening & Closing and/or Vault charges exceed the allowance.
- - -
Cremation Only (limited Professional Services) Includes Container
Cremation (with Memorial Service)
Cremation (includes Professional Services, Memorial Service, and Reviewal)
Cremation Internment and Lot
Cremation - Urn/Vault $80 - Urn Vault
Overall Maximum
* Transportation at a rate of $1.60/mile, for mileage exceeding 60 miles, may be allowed in lieu of cemetery lot payment if it is necessary to transport the deceased to a privately purchased or existing burial site, up to an additional $475.

​Storage costs will be allowed (in addition to the overall maximum) only when absolutely necessary. These allowances should be considered on an individual case basis.


1. The estate of the deceased: The nature and marketability of the assets of the estate must be considered, as well as, whether sale would cause undue loss to the estate.

2. Surviving Spouse or parents of a deceased minor child: Households with income that exceeds 150% of the Federal Poverty Income Guidelines are not eligible for Funeral Assistance. Available resources exceeding $2,000 are considered available for funeral costs.

3. RSDI, VA benefits, insurance and other applicable resources:
  • Life or burial insurance and other applicable resources must be considered in determining eligibility for funeral benefits.
  • The RSDI benefit is currently $255 for a covered worker. The benefit is payable to the surviving spouse living with the worker or to a minor child.
  • The VA benefit is currently $300 burial allowance and $300 plot allowance for deceased veterans who were receiving pension, compensation or other cash benefits, from the VA at the time of death or if death occurred in a VA hospital. If death is due to service connected disabilities, the amount is $2,000. A marker is available to any veteran at no charge. Veterans, their spouses, and minor children (or children disabled before age 18) may be eligible for burial at Fort Snelling. (The Veterans Service Officer must be contacted regarding these benefits.)


1. County Relief Funerals: It is the County's responsibility to provide a decent burial when there are no other resources available. Therefore, all cash donations will be considered as resources and must be used to reduce the County payment. The family may supplement the County Funeral Allowance only to purchase a grave marker, or pay excess cemetery charges incurred to bury the deceased in a family plot.

2. MFIP Funerals: Donations designated for funeral costs may be used to purchase a headstone, for internment, religious service or transporting the body in and out of the community in which the deceased resided. MFIP funerals allow actual cemetery charges and any donations designated for a cemetery lot, opening and closing, and vault costs will be deducted from the County payment.

In all other circumstances, the County payment must be accepted as payment in full. Any money paid by family members or other persons or agencies will reduce the amount the County will pay.