Vehicle Entry Permit

Purchase your annual vehicle permit online.

Please note that all motorized vehicles are required to purchase a vehicle entry permit to the regional parks. Entry permits are available at the Gatehouses, Bunker Hills Activities Center, Bunker Hills Campground, and Anoka County License Centers. A reduced rate is available when purchasing a second or third permit at the time of purchasing the initial permit. Please ask your Guest Services Representative for more information.

The annual permit is honored at all Anoka County regional parks as well as regional parks in Washington and Carver counties.

Permit expires the last day of the month it was purchased.

Vehicle Permits are required for the following parks:
Bunker Hills Regional Park
Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park
Lake George Regional Park
Rice Creek Chain of Lakes Park Reserve
Rum River Central Regional Park

Replacement Permits

Replacement permits will only be issued if the actual permit is presented. It must be identifiable as a current permit, display the month it expires, and contain at least part of the permit number. If these conditions are all met, a free replacement permit that expires the same month as the existing permit will be given.

Missing vehicle permits or vehicle permits damaged too badly to meet the above conditions will need to be re-purchased at full price.

Replacement permits can only be issued at the Parks and Recreation office.

For more information:

Parks & Recreation Office

Daily Permit Annual Permit
$6 per day $30 per year

A reduced rate of $4 for a daily permit or $25 for an annual permit is available for individuals with disabilities.

Active Duty Military, Veterans, or Disabled Military

Free permits will be granted to active duty military, veterans, or disabled military under the following guidelines:

  • Any active military service personnel stationed outside of Minnesota within the past 90 days can get a free one-day vehicle entry permit.
  • Military personnel or their spouse who have a federal government access pass to federal recreational sites can get a free one-day park vehicle permit.
  • Any resident veteran with any level of service-connected disability can get a free one-day park vehicle permit.
  • Any veteran who has a permanent and total service–connected disability can get a free annual park permit. The free annual permit is only available at the Parks Office, located within Bunker Hills Regional Park or by phone at 763-324-3300.

For more information, call 763-324-3300.