Information For Vendors

Anoka County Purchasing subscribes and adheres to the Code of Ethics of the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing.

Vendor Registration

Beginning August 21, 2015, vendors must register at Public Purchase. This is a free vendor managed tool that allows you to receive electronic notifications regarding large bids and proposals. This also allows Anoka County to identify vendors whose products and services meet our project needs. Vendors may update their vendor registration at any time.

Additionally, please email your firm name, contact email and products/services provided via email to Purchasing.

Registering with PublicPurchase or the County does not constitute an awarded contract. Due to the large number of suppliers expressing interest, registering does not ensure that you will receive quote requests for any or all items you have expressed interest in. Select all applicable commodities that meet your core competencies. It is the responsibility of the vendor to keep your record current and up to date.

Purchase & Contract Process

In accordance with County Policies, the Purchasing Office conducts an open, competitive bidding process. Depending on the dollar value, and the scope of work of the order, the bidding process may take the form of an Informal Quote, a Formal Bid, or a Proposal. All communications regarding a project in process must be in written form only to the Purchasing Office.

  • Informal Quotes are used for procurement activities below $175,000. 
    • Purchases between $25,000 and $175,000 require two competitive quotes.
    • Purchases between $5,000 and $25,000 are suggested to obtain two competitive quotes.
    • Purchases under $5,000 may be made in the open market.
  • Formal Bids and Proposals are used for procurement activities $175,000 and above. Formal bids remain sealed until the scheduled public opening and are managed with Anoka County's Public Purchase website. Formal Proposals are not read publicly and are evaluated based on pre-defined criteria. All communications are to be in writing to the Authorized County Representative.

*IMPORTANT: Anoka County only requires Prevailing Wages on projects that are state or federally funded.

Award Process

Recommendation of responsive and responsible vendors is the responsibility of Purchasing. Vendors who have not previously done business with Anoka County are advised to contact the Purchasing Office. The Purchasing Office will notify the successful vendor of the award once the appropriate approvals are obtained. Once a fully executed contract or purchase order is in place, further project information may be provided upon request.

  • All non-budgeted and contract agreements over $100,000 require Committee and Board approval.

If only one solicitation response is received, an award may be made to the single Contractor if the County finds that the price submitted is fair and reasonable, and that either other Contractors had reasonable opportunity to respond, or there is not adequate time for solicitation.

Insurance Requirements

All vendors providing a service to the County (excluding the purchase of product) must issue a current Certificate of Insurance. Anoka County requires that we be included as Additional Insured. Insurance requirements are provided during the quoting or bidding process and must be received before final signatures.

Bid Protest

Procedures are located in the Procurement section of the Financial Policy.

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