Construction Weekly

Welcome to the 2019 Construction Weekly!

Here we go, another construction season starting!   The Construction Weekly is published weekly, usually on Fridays, during the construction season and includes details about current construction projects throughout Anoka County.    You can subscribe to email notification of these updates by using our Notify Me list.


Construction Update for The Week of June 14, 2019

Hanson Boulevard (CSAH 78) Railroad Bridge Overpass Project in the City of Coon Rapids
UPDATE – Hanson Boulevard, from 106th Avenue to 108th Lane, was closed to through traffic on March 4th.  This will remain closed until October of 2019.  This past week underground crews continued with installing sanitary sewer pipe south of the railroad tracks, while a second underground crew continued to install new water main and sanitary sewer north of the railroad tracks.  Bridge crews completed installing bridge piling for the railroad north abutment footing, while a second bridge crew has begun pile driving operations on the railroad south abutment footing.  Carpenter and iron workers began forming and installing re-bar in preparation for the north abutment footing concrete pour, while the easterly concrete footing was formed and poured for the pedestrian tunnel at 108th Avenue (west).  Concrete curb was also placed on the new service road between 108th Avenue and 108th Lane, east of Hanson Boulevard.  For the week of June 17th, sanitary sewer installation will require the temporary closure of 106th Avenue from Monday, June 17th thru Wednesday, June 19th.  This is for safety purposes as sewer depths will reach nearly 20 feet below the roadway surface. Bridge crews will continue with pile driving operations on the railroad south abutment footing.  Concrete for the north abutment is tentatively scheduled to be placed on Tuesday, June 18th.  Work will also continue on the pedestrian tunnel.

Lake Drive (CSAH 23) Roundabout Construction from 700’ east of Zurich St. NE to 300’ west of the SB I 35 ramps in the City of Columbus
Besides minor punch-list items, this project is completed.

Lexington Avenue (CSAH 17) & Broadway Avenue (CSAH 18) Intersection signalization in the Cities of Ham Lake and Columbus
– This past week, the existing asphalt surface was reclaimed to a gravel condition to be used roadway base material.  Geogrid fabric was placed at a location where new roadway meets the existing roadway.  This fabric assists with “tying” the two sections together.  Traffic signal crews have placed the remaining signal bases and will install traffic detection loops in the roadway during the upcoming week.  Also, for the week of June 17th concrete curb will be placed in various locations, and dirt crews will be shaping the existing roadway to prepare for the first of two asphalt layers.  This paving is scheduled for mid to late week.

Freeway Drive West (CSAH 54) from Running Aces Harness Track to Lake Drive (CSAH 23) in the City of Columbus
Grading of the remaining roadway subgrade, placement of class 5 gravel base and concrete curb and gutter was completed this past week.  For the week of June 17th, dirt crews will tolerance the gravel base, which will be followed by asphalt paving.

Hanson Boulevard (CSAH 78) from Jay Street/139th Avenue to Crosstown Boulevard (CSAH 18) in the City of Andover
Traffic has been shifted to the eastern half of Hanson Boulevard and will remain in that location until mid to late June.  Access to go west on 148th Lane NW and 147th Avenue NW from Hanson Boulevard will not be allowed during this phase of construction. This past week, dirt crews removed concrete curb, asphalt and unsuitable soils from Andover Boulevard, west of Hanson Boulevard.  This work was followed by storm sewer crews, installing new storm pipe and structures on and north & south of Andover Boulevard.  The directionally bored sanitary sewer line was completed from Coon Creek to Jay Street.  This sanitary work is scheduled to be completed during the week of June 17th, with Jay Street expected to be re-opened on Friday, June 21st.  Other work scheduled for the week of June 17th will consist of the installation of storm sewer roadway crossings, grading of Andover Boulevard and remaining bridge concrete items.  As a reminder, Andover Boulevard will be closed on both sides of Hanson Boulevard through mid-August.

Cedar Drive (CSAH 13) Bridge #02518 Replacement in the City of Oak Grove
Tree clearing is now completed.  Utility crews continue with relocation of gas lines and overhead power lines.  The full closure of the roadway has been re-scheduled to take place on June 24th.  

125th Avenue NE (CSAH 14) from east of Lexington Avenue to Lever Street in the City of Blaine
UPDATE - Forest Lake Contracting was the successful low bidder for this contract.  Work is tentatively scheduled to begin on June 17th with the closure of the west-bound lane.  Only east-bound traffic will be able to drive through the project.

Broadway Avenue NE (CSAH 18) from Potomac Street NE (CR 19) to Kettle River Boulevard (CSAH 62) in the City of Columbus
UPDATE – Crews are tentatively scheduled to begin work on June 17th as work will consist of replacement of driveway culverts and roadway pipe crossings.

2019 County Wide Overlays

Kettle River Boulevard NE (CR 62) from Broadway Avenue (CSAH 18) to the East County Line in the City of Columbus
Crews have completed the grinding of the existing roadway into a gravel and the construction of a right turn lane & re-alignment of Elmcrest Avenue. Paving crews have placed the first of two layers of asphalt this past week, with the second lift to be placed during the week of June 17th.

Greenbrook Drive NE (CR 68) from Crosstown Boulevard NE (CSAH 18) to Viking Boulevard NE (CSAH 22) in the Cities of East Bethel and Ham Lake.
Contracted dirt crews will begin reclaiming the existing asphalt into a gravel condition starting on Monday, June 17th. County crews will also be closing the roadway on the 17th and will remain closed until Friday, June 21stas forces will be replacing a failing drainage pipe crossing.  Once the road closure is lifted, dirt crews will continue shaping and preparing the roadway for asphalt paving.  This work will be completed under traffic.