Construction Weekly

Welcome to the Construction Weekly for the 2017 Construction Season!


These updates are published weekly (usually Fridays) during the construction season, with details about construction projects throughout Anoka County.  A map of the 2017 Road Construction projects is posted at the bottom of this page.
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Update for July 14, 2017  

125th Avenue (CSAH 14) Reconstruction from Radisson Road (CSAH 52) to Harpers Street NE in the City of Blaine 


– Paving that was completed recently is not up to County or public expectations. Anoka County is working to resolve this issue with the paving contractor.
Bunker Lake Boulevard (CSAH 116) from Crane Street NW to 500 feet east of Van Buren Street NE in the Cities of Andover and Ham Lake 


TRAFFIC CONTROL CHANGE - On Wednesday, July 19th, the contractor will be switching traffic between Goldenrod Street and Able Street from the westbound lanes to the eastbound lanes of Bunker Lake Blvd. On Monday, June 12th, the closure on Bunker Lake Boulevard was extended from Prairie Road NW to Crane Street NW. Bunker Lake Boulevard is now closed to through traffic from Crane Street NW to directly west of Goldenrod Street NW. County Parkway “A”, directly across from Sycamore Street NW is also be closed to thru traffic. Emergency vehicles will be allowed access from all locations on the project during this construction phase.   

Goldenrod Street is open at Bunker Lake Boulevard. Access to Anoka County Farms, Copart and the Bunker Hills Activity Center will continue to arrive from the east of those entrances.   
CONSTRUCTION SCHEDULE - Grading is underway between Sycamore Street and Prairie Road. Class 5 is being placed between Goldenrod Street and Prairie Road and between Crane Street and the railroad tracks. Topsoil is being placed on slopes throughout the project. Storm sewer installation is approximately 95% complete on the entire project. Concrete work on the pedestrian tunnel and associated poured-in-place concrete wall has been completed. The contractor will begin painting these items next week. The installation of modular block retaining walls throughout the project has begun. Approximately 3 of the 12 proposed walls have been completed. All posts for the noise barrier have been installed. The contractor is currently working on installation of wood paneling for the noise barrier. Paving of eastbound Bunker Lake Blvd is taking place Thursday and Friday between Goldenrod Street and Able Street. Signal work has begun at the Jefferson Street intersection and will continue as more curb and gutter installation is completed. Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) railroad has set the bases and installed all new crossing gates for the roadway and multi-use trails on the north and south sides of Bunker Lake Blvd. The railroad crossing extensions will be completed on Friday. Curb and gutter will be poured from Crane Street to the railroad tracks on Saturday, July 15th, and on Monday all curb & gutter will be completed between Goldenrod Street to Prairie Road. Flatwork on medians will begin on Tuesday, July 18th, from Goldenrod Street to Jefferson Street.

Foley Blvd (CSAH 11) from Egret Blvd to Northdale Blvd (CSAH 12) in the City of Coon Rapids 

Update -

This week pipe crews completed installing storm sewer from Egret Blvd to 112th Lane along the northbound lanes of Foley Blvd. The dirt crews completed tolerancing the subgrade and placing class 5 from Egret Blvd to 112th Lane on northbound lanes in preparation for concrete curb and gutter installation next week. During the week of July 17th, concrete curb and gutter will be installed between Egret Blvd and 112th Lane, reconstruction of concrete driveways will begin along northbound Foley Blvd, pipe crews will continue installing storm sewer along Northdale Blvd east of Foley Blvd, and dirt crews will tolerance the subgrade between Foley Blvd and 113th Ave on Northdale Blvd.



Projects by other Agencies


Metropolitan Council NAI Phase 9 Interceptor Project along East River Road (CSAH 1) near 44th Avenue in the City of Fridley


Tree removal will soon begin in staging areas along the project. Various supplies will also begin to be delivered to the site.  For more detailed information, please see the MCES project website @ .


MN/DOT Scheduled Bridge/Road Closure on 4th Avenue (CSAH 31) in the City of Anoka


On Tuesday, May 30th, crews closed the 4th Avenue bridge over TH 10 to begin removing unsound concrete from the bottom of the bridge pier caps. For the safety of the public and the workers, it’s necessary to close the bridge when this phase of the work begins, and to keep it closed until the repairs are completed on both piers. Mn/DOT estimate this work to be completed by August 11th, 2017.

City of Anoka Project - East Main Street (CSAH 14) Utility Replacement/Installation Project from 7th Avenue (CSAH 7) to Wedgewood Drive NW in the City of Anoka


– This project, led by the City of Anoka, will consist of various sanitary sewer installation and watermain installation. “Bursting” of the existing watermain is completed and the new water line has been installed along with water services. Contractor has completed watermain work along eastbound lanes and patched all bituminous areas that were disturbed/removed. The contractor will be switching traffic from westbound lanes to eastbound lanes so sanitary forcemain work along the north half of CSAH 14 can begin.

2017 County-Wide Overlay Program


County State Aid Highway 132 (85th Avenue NW) from CSAH 1 (East River Road) to 250’ west of Cottonwood St in the Cities of Coon Rapids and Fridley

Construction scheduled to begin the week of July 24th. 


County Road 158 (165th Avenue NW) from CSAH 7 (165th Avenue NW) to County Road 58 (Valley Drive NW) in the City of Andover

Complete with the exception of some minor punchlist work.  

County Road 58 (181st Avenue NW) from CSAH 78 (Flamingo Street NW) to Palm Street NW/Cedar Drive in the Cities of Andover and Oak Grove

UPDATE Complete with the exception of some minor punchlist work.    

County State Aid Highway 24 (229th Avenue NW) Bypass Lane at Arrowhead St NW in the City of St. Francis
UPDATE – Crews finished stripping topsoil and placing fill for the new bypass lane this week. Gravel placement and paving are scheduled for the week of July 17th. 
County State Aid Highway 24 (237th Avenue NE) from CSAH 13/CR 73 (University Avenue Extension) to TH 65 (Central Avenue NE) in the Cities of Bethel and East Bethel
UPDATE – Crews have completed placing the first lift of pavement along CSAH 24. Paving the first lift of pavement on the side streets will begin Tuesday July 18th, with placement of the final lift of pavement along CSAH 24 and side streets beginning on Wednesday July 19th. Driveway and shoulder work will begin the week of July 24th. Drivers should expect minor delays while driving through the project limits.

County Road 72 (Rum River Boulevard NW) from Rum River Park North Park Entrance to 300 feet south of 235th Avenue NW in the City of St. Francis
UPDATE – Crews have finished reclaiming existing pavement, construction of the new right turn lane for the parking area entrance into the school’s ballfields, and associated grading work. Paving will begin the week of July 17th. All roadwork will be conducted under traffic, with no detour required. Drivers should expect minor delays while the project is in operation.

County Road 15 (East Bethel Blvd) from CSAH 22 (Viking Blvd NE) to County Road 74 (213th Ave NE) in the City of East Bethel
UPDATE – This project is completed. 

County State Aid Highway 26 (229th Avenue) from 550 feet west of CR 15 (Durant Street) to CSAH 85 (Typo Creek Drive NE) in Linwood Township
This project is completed.
County State Aid Highway 78 (Hanson Boulevard) Left Turn Lane Modifications at the intersection of Station Parkway NW in the City of Andover

This project is completed. 



A map of the 2017 Construction Projects can be found here: 


2017 Construction Projects