Construction Weekly

Welcome to the 2019 Construction Weekly!

Here we go, another construction season starting!   The Construction Weekly is published weekly, usually on Fridays during the construction season, and includes details about current construction projects throughout Anoka County.    You can subscribe to email notification of these updates by using our Notify Me list.


Construction Update for The Week of April 19, 2019

Hanson Boulevard (CSAH 78) Railroad Bridge Overpass Project in the City of Coon Rapids
UPDATE – Hanson Boulevard, from 106th Avenue to 108th Lane, was closed to through traffic on March 4th.  This will remain closed until October of 2019.  This past week, crews connected services to the temporary water feed system, continued installing steel casing lines that will provide protection for newly installed sanitary sewer lines, and began to remove portions of the Hanson Boulevard roadway.  This work will continue through the week of April 22nd.  Bridge work will also begin as dirt crews begin to excavate bridge footings, followed by pile driving operations, later in the week.  Pile driving will consist of a large, diesel “hammer” that forces 16-inch diameter, hollow steel tubes into the ground. 

Lake Drive (CSAH 23) Roundabout Construction from 700’ east of Zurich St. NE to 300’ west of the SB I 35 ramps in the City of Columbus
UPDATE – No work was attempted this past week.  Once reasonable air temperatures return, and the job site dries out, crews will complete remaining concrete and turf establishment items.

Lexington Avenue (CSAH 17) & Broadway Avenue CSAH 18 Intersection signalization in the Cities of Ham Lake and Columbus
UPDATE - Dirt crews completed removing unsuitable soils from the Lexington northbound right turn lane, south of Broadway Avenue. Unsuitable material was also removed in the southeast corner of the intersection where a proposed signal pole will exist. Utility crews continue relocating at various locations along the project. Unavailability of locators to locate existing buried telephone lines may hinder progress for the upcoming week as dirt crews do not want to damage existing telephone lines. 

Freeway Drive West (CSAH 54) from Running Aces Harness Track to Lake Drive (CSAH 23) in the City of Columbus              UPDATE – For the week of April 22nd, crews will continue removing unsuitable soils and replacing with clean, granular sand in the re-aligned roadway section.  Storm sewer crews will continue with main-line storm sewer installation where soil corrections have taken place.

Hanson Boulevard (CSAH 78) from Jay Street/139TH Avenue to Crosstown Boulevard (CSAH 18) in the City of Andover         UPDATE – Sewer crews began installing storm structures and pipe near two of the proposed storm-water holding pond areas.  Storm work will continue in a third holding pond during the upcoming week.  Dirt crews have constructed temporary widening areas along Hanson Boulevard along the northbound lanes.  These areas will be paved during the week of April 22nd and will be followed by a traffic lane shift, later in the week.

Cedar Drive (CSAH 13) Bridge #02518 Replacement in the City of Oak Grove
UPDATE – Bids were opened on March 12, 2019, with North Pine Aggregate being the certified low bidder.  No schedule as to when work will begin has been established at this time.