Construction Weekly

Welcome to the 2018 Construction Weekly!

These updates are published weekly during the construction season, with details about construction projects throughout Anoka County. Subscribe to email notification of these updates by using our Notify Me list.


Construction Update for The Week of December 3, 2018

Hanson Boulevard (CSAH 78) Railroad Bridge Overpass Project in the City of Coon Rapids
UPDATE – Traffic has now been placed in their respective lanes, with all lanes in both directions being utilized.    Work will be suspended over the winter months and is tentatively scheduled to re-continue in March of 2019.  Once this work begins, a full closure of Hanson Boulevard will be implemented.

Lake Drive (CSAH 23) Roundabout Construction from 700’ east of Zurich St. NE to 300’ west of the SB I 35 ramps in the City of Columbus
UPDATE – Any remaining construction-related items that could not be completed this fall due to cold weather will be completed in the spring of 2019.  Temporary lighting has been installed and will remain in place until the permanent lighting units arrive, sometime in late December.

2018 County Wide Overlay Program

All projects for the 2018 Overlay contract have been completed.  Minor work may be conducted on other various roadways throughout the County that do not require roadway closures or impact residents.  These work sites will be small in comparison to the previously completed projects and may take, at a maximum, 3 to 5 days to complete.

                                             Please note this is the last update of 2018.   

                                      Please watch for us to return in March, 2019 when 

                                                    construction-related work resumes.