Bike to Work Week 2021

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 Anoka County Bike to Work Week 

June 14 - 18, 2021

Celebrate our annual Bike to Work Week Celebration Monday, June 14 through Friday, June 18. Take pledge to bike to work or if you're working from home, the amount of miles you'd normally bike to work. We'll be hosting a variety of bike oriented events throughout the week so you won't want to miss this!

Anoka County will be celebrating Bike to Work Week this week too using the hashtag #BikesUnite. We ask that you also use the hashtag #AnokaCountyBikeWeek so everyone will see Anoka County is participating. Plus, we're giving away some amazing prizes. Each participant will receive a complimentary breakfast. 

Please Note - The first 200 registrants will receive a FREE goodie bag and t-shirt. 

Grand Prize winner will receive a FREE bicycle!

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Anoka Hennepin Registration Here

Go for a solo bike ride

We encourage participants to either bike to work or map out what a route would look like to work and try to bike those miles. We can help you route out a safe trip to work. 

Share your experience on social media using the #BikesUnite & #AnokaCountyBikeWeek

Any employer or community partner that would like to participate will receive a free bike rack & complimentary breakfast for all employees.  

Event Schedule 2021

Monday, June 14:  Virtual Bike Basics Webinar

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm 

Learn basic skills to prepare you to get on your bike and be comfortable. This introductory classroom course covers the basic rules of the road and best practices to being safe and comfortable on the road and trail, potential barriers to riding and a discussion of strategies to overcome these barriers. Basic maintenance will be covered including ABC Quick Check. Open to the public.

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Tuesday, June 15

Bike Bingo & Bike Goodie Bags

Bike Goodie Bags -

Everyone who participates and takes the pledge to bike to work during bike to work week will get a free bike goodie bag. We will mail the goodie bags out by this day!

Bike Bingo - 

Participate in a virtual bike bingo challenge opening on Wednesday, September 16. Take photos of each of the items on your bingo card and send them into staff by email at [email protected] or use the hashtag on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram #AnokaCountyBikeWeek.

20 lucky winners will get a FREE $20 gift certificate. You must register for Bike to Work Week in order to be eligible for this challenge. As of now, the deadline to submit photos for bike bingo is Friday, June 18. Bike Bingo PDF

Wednesday, June 16

Bike Event - TBD

Thursday, June 17

Bike to Work Day 

Zoom Bike Trivia Night - Join us for a virtual bike trivia night on Thursday, June 17 from 7 - 8 pm. Grand Prize Winner receives a $250 gift card to a local bike shop. Once you are registered, you will receive information for the registration!

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For Anoka County Transportation Division (In Andover)

Breakfast will be available for anyone who bikes into the Anoka County Transportation Division this day.

Friday, June 18

   Bike to Work Day

For Anoka County Government Center (In Anoka)

Breakfast will be available for anyone who bikes into the Anoka County Government Center this day.

Anoka County Bike Map

 Do you have Anoka County's bike map?  Download it here, or request a copy via email at [email protected] or calling 763-324-3240.

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Bunker Hills Regional Park Summer Map

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