Hazardous Waste Generators

Guidelines for Hazardous Waste Generators

The Anoka County Public Health and Environmental Services Department licenses hazardous waste generators in order to protect the environment and people from exposure to hazardous materials. The regulations are outlined in the Anoka County Hazardous Waste Management Ordinance and Minnesota Rules, Chapter 7045.

Image Haz Waste Inspection

Report hazardous waste and oil spills to the Minnesota Duty Officer 24-hours a day at 651-649-5451 or toll free at 800-422-0798.

Apply for a Hazardous Waste Generator License

A hazardous waste generator is a business or other non-household entity that generates hazardous waste. To find out if your business needs a license, view the Basic Hazardous Waste Requirements for Businesses from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. Steps to applying are as follows:

  • Obtain a Hazardous Waste Identification Number (HWID) from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA).
  • Complete the Hazardous Waste License Application and the Hazardous Waste Disclosure Form.
  • Submit application, disclosure form and MPCA HWID number to the department.
  • After your application is processed, you will receive a fee statement. After payment, you will receive the license from this department which must be publically posted.
  • If you generate additional waste or change the type of waste generated after receiving the license, contact the department.

Hazardous Waste Training

Step 1: Read the training material

Complete the hazardous waste training by downloading either the PowerPoint or PDF version. 

Step 2: Pass the online exam

Once you've gone through the Hazardous Waste Training slideshow, the exam must be completed. The test is automatically submitted. You will need a passing percentage of 80% in order to receive a completion certificate and a copy of the training. You will be notified if you passed shortly after (this is a manual process, so please allow a few business days). Notices regarding your status will come from Carley Schmidt at carley.schmidt@co.anoka.mn.us.

Take the required online exam.

Step 3: Certificate and Documentation

Once you complete the training and pass the verification test, you will be sent a completion certificate and a copy of the training. Please keep certificates and training documentation onsite for your facilities routine hazardous waste inspection. Please contact Carley Schmidt at carley.schmidt@co.anoka.mn.us or by 763-324-4333.

Other Information

UPDATE: Aerosol can puncturing ban

The MPCA is rescinding the previously announced January 1, 2018, sunset of the allowance to puncture hazardous waste aerosols and compressed gas cylinders. The deliberate release of hazardous waste propellant or compressed gas to the atmosphere by puncturing is prohibited by the Minnesota Rules, but for many years the MPCA has chosen not to enforce this prohibition and to allow puncturing. While the MPCA is continuing the allowance to continue puncturing, there are now more management opportunities for unpunctured aerosols and cylinders. To help attain air quality goals protecting the health of all Minnesotans, the MPCA strongly encourages all businesses to consider non-puncturing aerosol and cylinder management options. For more information, see the MPCA factsheet entitled “Waste aerosols and compressed gas cylinders”.

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Contact Anoka County Resource and Recycling Solutions regarding information and assistance for businesses to recycle non-hazardous materials.

Small Sources of Air Emissions may be Exempt from Permitting

New rules change air permit requirements for some facilities with low overall air emissions.

These general requirements can make it unnecessary to hold an air permit and have been established for the following new conditionally exempt source categories:

  • Auto-body refinishing
  • Coating facilities
  • Woodworking facilities
  • “Insignificant” facilities

To determine if you qualifyvisit www.pca.state.mn.us/small.

Have questions? Contact the Small Business Environmental Assistance Program, 800-657-3938 or 651-282-6143, smallbizhelp.pca@state.mn.us

SBEAP helps Minnesota businesses comply with environmental rules, reduce wastes and emissions, and reduce regulatory obligations. Their focus is on small businesses that are independently owned and operated, have fewer than 100 employees and are not major sources of waste or emissions.