Transfer of Out of State Titles

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The information on this page is intended for people who have purchased a vehicle with a title from another state.  If you have moved to Minnesota and  need to transfer your registration from another state click here.

If you have purchased a vehicle that has a title from a state other than from the State of Minnesota, please follow the steps outlined here.  No two states have the same format of title, however all titles contain the same type of information.  Minnesota law requires a title purchased by a Minnesota resident be transferred within 10 business days of the date of sale to avoid a penalty.

NOTE: The following information is intended to give a general outline of most title transfers and may not be complete or apply to all situations. The only way to know if you have all of the required information is to present it to a representative at a License Center. Please contact us with any questions.

What Do I Need to Transfer the Title?
In every case you will need to present the most current title.  If you do not have the most current title, the seller will need to obtain a duplicate from the state the title was issued from.  Sellers and buyers will need to complete and sign the appropriate section on the title.  

Effective January 1, 2016, per  Minnesota  Statutes 2014, Section 169.798 ,Subd.4

Every owner applying for a self-propelled motor vehicle or motorcycle/moped registration, re-registration, or transfer of ownership must provide proof of insurance. Required insurance information includes the insurance company’s name, the policy number and the policy expiration date for the motor vehicle or motorcycle.

Does the Title have a Lien Listed?
If the title has a lien holder listed on it, we will need a lien release statement from the lending institution listed.  In most states, the lien holder can sign a designated area on the title to release the lien.  If the title of the vehicle does not have such an area or it is not completed, the owner must obtain a lien release statement from the lien holder.

Buyer's Application for Minnesota Title
The buyer must complete an Application to Title and Register a Motor Vehicle.  This form will allow the State of Minnesota to transfer the title and registration of the vehicle to Minnesota.  It is not necessary for the seller to sign this form.  We are willing to assist you with completing this form if you have any questions.  If you are unsure of any fields on this form, please leave them blank and we will assist you once you bring the application and title into our office.
Important!  Any alteration or erasure to the title or supporting document will void it. This includes crossing out or using correction fluid/tape on incorrect information once it has been written. We are more than willing to assist you in completing any information to reduce the risk of alterations. If an alteration occurs, both buyers and sellers will need to complete and sign a corrected title form. If the alteration is to remove a persons' name from the buyer's section you must complete this form. For all other alterations or corrections (including the date and purchase price), please complete this form. Please contact us with any questions.
A Note on Prices of Taxes and Fees
Unfortunately, due to the wide variety of transfer types and situations, we cannot offer pricing estimates online or over the phone. The only way to obtain an accurate price estimate is to present the title and all necessary documents to a License Center Representative for review.
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