Fees & Payments

The Anoka County Corrections Department accepts payments for the following:
  • Probation and Supervision fees
  • UA fees
  • Programming fees
  • Restorative Justice Program (RJP) fine
  • Intensive Supervised Alcohol Program (ISAP) - cash only for initial payment

Fee Schedules

Each year fees are assessed and may have changed. Fees are based on the year of sentencing. Click on the appropriate year of sentencing below to obtain the fee schedule.

2020        2021

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Payments for Anoka County Corrections fees can be made:

  • IN PERSON -- Acceptable forms of payment: cash, personal or cashiers check, money order, or MasterCard or Visa card with proper ID.
  • BY MAIL -- Acceptable forms of payment: personal or cashiers check or money order.
Anoka County Courthouse
Anoka County Corrections
2100 3rd Avenue STE C100
Anoka, MN 55303-5037

  • BY PHONE -- Call 763-324-4800 (choose option 4 from the menu) with your credit card information. 
Payments for Restitution or Court-Ordered Fines are paid through Anoka County Court Administration.

Restitution – Monitoring, Billing & Collection


Restitution is money the court orders the offender to pay to the victim for costs incurred in a crime. The focus of restitution monitoring is to ensure that victims are treated respectfully and reimbursed for their financial losses. To accomplish this, the Community Corrections Department holds offenders accountable for court-ordered restitution. Restitution billing and collection are facilitated by Anoka County Court Administration 763-760-6540.
  • Payments of restitution, fines, and court-ordered fees can be sent to:
    • Anoka County Courthouse
      Court Administration
      2100 3rd Avenue
      Anoka, MN 55303
  • Once the restitution amount is ordered by the court, the offender is required to make payments to Anoka County Court Administration. Anoka County Court Administration then issues checks to the victim(s). For questions, contact Anoka County Court Administration at 763-760-6540 or the offender’s probation officer. 
  • In most cases, the Corrections Department establishes payment schedules and monitors compliance. Remedies for failure to pay include civil judgment, revenue recapture and probation revocation.

Revenue Recapture

If correctional fees are not paid, probationers will be placed in the Minnesota Department of Revenue's Revenue Recapture Program and any outstanding amount will be deducted from state tax refunds.

Questions or concerns can be directed to the assigned probation officer.