Educational Programming

Anoka County Community Corrections provides educational programming for a number of non-residential programs that help adult offenders achieve healthy and responsible lives.

DWI Education Program

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Designed to provide educational programming to first-time Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) offenders. The program describes the legal, social, and physical consequences of alcohol use. View a schedule of sessions and register.

Riverwood CD Education Program

Consists of six educational classes, each three hours, for offenders in need of intermediate intervention, but not outpatient CD treatment. View a schedule of session and register.

Cognitive Programming

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Thinking for a Change (T4C)

Thinking for a Change is an integrated, cognitive-behavioral change program for male offenders that includes cognitive restructuring and development of social and problem solving skills. T4C combines cognitive restructuring theory and cognitive skills theory to help individuals take control of their lives by taking control of their thinking. The program is divided into 25 lessons and groups meet two times a week for twelve weeks. Out-of-county referrals not accepted.

Driving with Care

Twelve week group program designed to help male or female offenders change their behaviors around drinking or drug use and driving. Cognitively-based group that focuses on concrete strategies for making productive changes. Driving With Care is not designed to replace chemical dependency treatment or 12-step groups. Instead, it is a cognitive-behavioral group that uses a different approach to supplement treatment or 12-step groups. Out-of-county referrals are accepted.

Decision Points

Decision Points is a cognitive-behavioral intervention which includes skill training. It is open ended and allows for continuous enrollment of new participants. The focus of the program is to teach two concepts and four steps to increase participants’ ability to stay out of trouble. Decision Points combines aspects of cognitive skills training and cognitive restructuring. Decision Points teaches new attitudes and beliefs as a set of thinking skills. Participants must complete all five lessons and show proficiency in all skills to successfully complete the course. For males only. Out-of-county referrals not accepted.

Moving On: A Program for At-Risk Women

A gender specific, strength based, closed-ended program that draws on evidence-based treatment models. Provides women with alternatives to criminal activity by helping them identify and utilize personal and community based resources. Out-of-county referrals not accepted.

MADD Panel

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A two-hour panel presentation regarding the impact on victims of drinking and driving.

Theft Intervention Class

Online option: A self-paced, four hour online class. Register and pay $29.95 online at Complete class 100% online. Available from any computer, mobile device or tablet. Available with full audio. Download informational flyer for important information. 

Classroom option: Shoplifting and Theft Awareness Class (SATA) provides engaging, interactive, and effective court-approved shoplifting/theft prevention classes. To register, visit

Sexual Health Curriculum

An educational program designed for offenders convicted of offenses that are sexual in nature, who are determined by the court not to be in need of sexual offender treatment, but could benefit from education regarding a number of topics related to sexual health. Read more...