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Controlled Deer Hunts

This year Anoka County Parks will be offering controlled archery deer hunts within Bunker Hills Regional Park.  Hunters may apply to participate in the controlled archery deer hunt by submitting an application to the Anoka County Parks Department.  To be eligible to hunt, participants must complete a one time only bow hunter education course, submit an application and signed hunt program rules, attend a pre-hunt orientation, and pay the $15 program fee.  
  1. Deer Population Growth
  2. Population Control
For nearly 20 years Anoka County Parks and Recreation Department has been actively monitoring and managing deer populations within its park system.  Through a process of aerial and ground deer surveys, analysis of car / deer collision data, and public comment, Anoka County Parks has implemented a strategy for maintaining deer herd populations.  

As the metro area has continued to expand, parks have become enclosed with roadways and developments, isolating deer populations.  With the lack of natural predators deer populations have increased beyond the carrying capacity of the land.  In an effort to control deer populations and minimize impacts on the environment as well as private property surrounding park land, Anoka County Parks has implemented controlled archery deer hunts.