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  1. Business Recycling Assistance Program Referral Form

    Please fill out the form below to request assistance to start or improve recycling at your business or organization.

  2. Interest in Organics Drop-off at Compost Sites
  3. Recycling Champion Award Nomination Form 2017

    Nomination form for Recycling Champion Award 2017.

  4. SWMC (documentation upload only)

    Submit Supporting Documentation for a Solid Waste Management Charge Appeal Application

  1. Contact Recycling & Resource Solutions

    Use this form to ask us a question.

  2. Master Recycler Composter Volunteer Hours Reporting

    MRC volunteer outreach hours tracking form.

  3. Solid Waste Management Charge

    Request an Appeal Application

  4. SWMC (with upload)

    Submit a Solid Waste Management Charge Appeal Application