Inmate Locator - Search for a person in custody in Anoka County

Search for inmate information at Anoka County Facilities.  When using the locator, please make note of the inmate's location. Inmates with a location of "Jail" are held at the Sheriff's Office operated jail facility. Inmates with a location of 'Workhouse" or "Boarded" are under the supervision of Anoka County Community Corrections. Jail personnel cannot provide any information on inmates at the Workhouse or in a Boarded status.

Anoka County keeps searchable public records on individuals who may have been received by, are currently inor released from the Jail or Workhouse. Arrest/incarceration information is available for individuals who are currently in custody and for one week after their release from custody. The fact that an individual is or has been in custody does not establish that the individual is guilty of or has been convicted of any crime. Anoka County cannot represent that the information is current, accurate or complete. Information contained herein should not be relied upon for any type of legal action. 

The arrest/incarceration information provided is classified as public data under Minn. Stat. 13.85 and has been provided by Anoka County under that authority.