Types of Foster Care

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Foster care services in Anoka County come in several forms to suit the needs of children and their foster parents.

Interim Family Foster Care
Treated as family members, these children and teens receive full-time, short- or long-term care.

Kinship Foster Care
Relatives, family friends, and those with a significant relationship may be licensed to provide care.  For more information, see Kinship Foster Care Resources.

Respite Care
This program relieves birth parents and foster parents for a specific relief period, often one or two weekends a month.

Special Services Foster Care
Foster parents with specialized training care for children with special needs such as a physical handicap, developmental delay, or emotional disturbance.

Therapeutic Foster Care
Children with severe emotional disturbances are provided with therapeutic care as part of a comprehensive service plan.

Concurrent Foster Care / Permanency Planning
Foster parents assist and support reunification with the child’s birth family while committing to provide a permanent home for the child if the child cannot return to the parents or other appropriate family.