Assistance / Training

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Financial Support
Financial support is available during pre-adoption (foster care) and post-adoption.

Pre-adoption Foster Care
The time a child spends in the pre-adoptive home prior to adoption finalization is considered foster care placement. The family will receive a foster care stipend at a rate based on the child’s needs, and the child will also have Medical Assistance.

Post-adoption Assistance
Adoption assistance is available for children with special needs. Reimbursements may be provided for costs of non-medical items for services and support necessary to meet children’s special needs. In addition, the program provides medical assistance as a backup to families’ health insurance. For more on this program, go to the MN Adopt website or go to the Minnesota Department of Human Services website.

Support Groups
Local Support Groups
First Wednesday of the month, 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. at Boston's Restaurant, 12794 Riverdale Blvd NW, Coon Rapids. Contact Deborah Fjeld.
A non-profit organization that provides primarily education for families with adopted children, those in the process of adopting, and those considering adoption.  Visit their website and watch for upcoming trainings!

Minnesota Kinship Caregivers Association
MKCA offers support and resources for people raising children of relatives (also known as kin) and friends.  

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Local Training
Anoka County offers Adoption Orientation and  Pre-adoption Training Programs twice a year (fall and spring) in cooperation with Minnesota Adoption Resource Network (MARN).  Register online for this training.
Minnesota Public / Private Adoption Initiative
A number of private agencies throughout the State of Minnesota are part of a Minnesota Public / Private Adoption Initiative. They can provide adoption education and home studies free of charge. See the list of agencies.