Public Health and Environmental Services

The programs and services of the Community Health and Environmental Services Department protect the health and safety of community residents, promote healthy lifestyles and prevent diseases and disabilities which could adversely affect the current and future health of our community.]

The Department provides health and protection to the residents of Anoka County through:

  • Education
  • Prevention
  • Service
  •  Regulation 
  •  Advocacy 


Stay Cool This Summer

Wear appropriate clothing
Stay cool indoors
Schedule Outdoor Activities Carefully
Pace Yourself
Wear Sunscreen
Do Not Leave Children in Cars
Avoid Hot and Heavy Meals
Drink Plenty of Water
Replace Salt and Minerals
Keep Your Pets Hydrated
Check for Weather and Safety Updates
Know the Signs of Heat Related Illnesses

For more information on how to prevent heat related illness click here

**If your home does not have air-conditioning go to a shopping mall, public library or a public space.  For Anoka County Library Hours click here