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final certificate
Anoka County Community Health & Environmental Services (CHES) Home Visiting Program is proud to have achieved the Healthy Families America (HFA) Certificate of Accreditation this past summer. 

Healthy Families America is a nationally recognized evidence-based home visiting program model designed to work with overburdened families who are at-risk for adverse childhood experiences.  It provides the best primary home visiting model to work with families who may have had histories of trauma, intimate partner violence, mental health and/or substance abuse issues.

Through a rigorous and comprehensive accreditation process of achieving the 12 Critical Elements, Anoka County CHES has integrated these best practices within their Home Visiting Program to promote child well-being and prevent the abuse and neglect of  children that receive our services.

The three primary goals that are the cornerstone of this program include:
  • Build and sustain community partnerships to systematically engage overburdened   families in home visiting services prenatally or at birth.
  • Cultivate and strengthen nurturing parent-child relationships.
  • Promote healthy childhood growth and development. Enhance family functioning by reducing the risk and building protective factors.

This accreditation is good from June 2015-2019.

What do we do?
The programs and services of the Community Health  and Environmental Services Department protect the health and safety of community residents, promote healthy lifestyles and prevent diseases and disabilities which could adversely affect the current and future health of our community.

The Department provides health and protection to the residents of Anoka County through education, prevention, service, regulation and advocacy.

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