Community Social Services & Behavioral Health

  1. Behavioral Health Services

    Anoka County's starting point for getting help with mental and chemical health problems.

  2. Services for Adults

    View a list of social and mental health services that are available for adults in Anoka County.

  3. Services for Children & Families

    Learn more about services directed towards children and families.

  4. Family Child Care Licensing

    Look up child care options in your area.

  5. Community Resources & Volunteers

    Connect to volunteer opportunities, seasonal social service programs & services for family caregivers & at-risk youth.

  6. Housing and Homeless Programs

    Obtain information relating to housing and homeless programs.

  7. Related County Services

    Search for county services available to the community.

  8. Law Enforcement Collaborative

  9. Basic Needs

    Access to listings and locations for basic needs: food, shelter, clothing, transportation and health care.

  10. Waiver Services

    The Minnesota Department of Human Services oversees publicly funded waiver programs that support people with a variety of disabilities, including developmental disabilities, chronic medical conditions, acquired or traumatic brain injuries and physical disabilities.