Brush, Tree & Yard Waste

About Brush, Tree & Yard Waste
State law prohibits putting brush, tree and yard waste in your garbage, (Minnesota Statutes § 115A.931).  “Yard waste” includes garden wastes, leaves, lawn cuttings, weeds, shrub and tree waste, and prunings.  Your garbage hauler may offer separate yard waste collection services.
Mulching naturally fertilizes and strengthens the lawn to make it more resistant to disease. Simply mow and leave the clippings where they lay. No cost, no bagging, no hauling. 

In addition to curbside pickup of garbage and recyclables, your garbage hauler may offer curbside pickup of yard waste.

Compost Sites

Anoka County has two compost sites available to its residents:  Bunker Hills Compost Site in Coon Rapids and Rice Creek Chain of Lakes Site in Lino Lakes.  You must show proof of residency to use these sites. Residents may drop off yard and tree waste.

The compost sites are a good option when you have large quantities of leaves or grass clippings that you are unable to compost or leave on your lawn at home. 

When you drop off yard waste at one of the compost sites, you will need to unload it and take your bags or containers back home with you. Tree waste may be brought in loose or bundled.

Accepted Materials & Fees
Leaves and Grass (and other non-woody yard waste)
The following materials can be mixed together and are charged the same rate: acorns, garden waste, grass clippings, leaves, pine cones and needles, sod (residential quantities), soft bodied green plants and weeds.
  • All materials must be debagged.
  • $5 for each load up to 4 cubic yards.
  • An additional 50 cents per cubic yard will be charged in excess of 4 yards.
Tree Waste
The following materials are considered tree waste: brush, evergreen boughs, logs, shrub trimmings, stumps.  The price depends on the size and amount of the material.  The loads are measured to determine the quantity that is being dropped off.  Tree waste may be loose or bundled.  The more compact you make your load, the lower the fee.
  • Branches 6 inches or less in diameter - $7/cubic yard
  • Branches or logs greater than 6 inches in diameter - $10/cubic yard
  • Trunks or stumps greater than 2 feet in diameter - $40/cubic yard
  • Christmas trees - $1.50/tree (Accepted at Bunker Hills site only, following the holidays.)

There are several drop-off sites that accept tree waste for a fee from Anoka County residents. To view detailed information on tree waste see the Brush / Tree Waste section in our Recycling Directory.

Free Compost
You may also take free finished, unscreened compost from the sites when it is available.  Call 763-767-7964 for compost availability.  Remember to bring your own shovel and containers.  Screened compost and various mulches are for sale at the Bunker Hills site only.
Reduce Yard Waste Production
Limit your selection to trees of reliable hardiness in your area.  Planting species appropriate for Anoka County soil is the best way to reduce tree and brush waste. Anoka County Extension Service offers information about appropriate species to plant. Visit the University of Minnesota Extension Service or contact the Anoka County office at 763-755-1280 and Anoka County Conservation District at 763-434-2030.