What is organics?

Organics is the biodegradable portion of trash that can be composted.  This includes:

  • all food scraps such as leftovers, peelings and spoiled food
  • soiled, non-recyclable papers such as paper towels, napkins, delivery pizza boxes
  • certified compostable products such as compostable plastic food ware and bags labeled with a Cedar Grove Composting or Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) logo

Why is organics important?

It is estimated that organics makes up 25% - 35% of what we throw away.  Organics such as food waste, non-recyclable paper, and compostable products that are separated for composting can be recycled into valuable compost instead of being thrown away.  Compost is a soil amendment that benefits all soil types and greatly improves moisture retention in sandy soil.  It is used in landscaping and road construction projects.

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