Access Permits

A street or driveway access permit is required for the following: 
  • Any new driveway or agricultural field entrance onto an Anoka County road 
    • A site review must be performed prior to the issuance of an access permit.  Submit written request and a detailed sketch to the Anoka County Highway Department, ATTN: Traffic Department.
  • Any proposed street or commercial access
  • If a change in the use of a property that is adjacent to a county road occurs, the county has the right to review access to the county road and to require a new permit.
Applicants must apply in person, by appointment only.  
For more information and to schedule an appointment once access has been approved, please call 763-324-3176.

Street or Driveway Access Permit Fees

Access permit fees are as follows:

Permit Use                                                                     Fees

Residential Driveway or Field Entrance                          $175

Commercial Access                                                         $250


A culvert pipe is generally required unless curb is present. The permit holder is required to provide a pipe that meets county standards.

For more information call 763-324-3176.


Permit Application Samples & Policies