NOTE: Anoka County is not recommending or endorsing any of the following services and/or items. We are simply passing along some unique information recommended by fellow Anoka County CDCS participants. Because these resources are listed here, it does not mean they automatically would be approved on your CDCS Plan. All items and services must follow the criteria set forth by the federal, state and county government and approved by your county based on the participant's assessed needs. 

 ABLE Investment Accounts – MN is among 40 states that approved a tax-free savings accounts under the federal Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act of 2014. The legislation promotes employment and quality of life for people with disabilities by ensuring that earnings and other funds saved in ABLE accounts don’t count against eligibility for public programs, including Medical Assistance and Social Security Supplemental Income. Currently people with disabilities can lose eligibility for public benefits once they reach $2000 in savings. This tax-free account will allow families to save funds for future education, assistive technology, housing, transportation, and other goods and services not included in public benefits. Contributions of up to $14,000 per year are allowed currently, but the account could grow to as much as $100,000 before some public benefits would be suspended. ABLE accounts are expected to be available in Minnesota Fall 2016. Go to 

Apps for Students with Autism - 
Includes apps to aid in developing behavior skills, communication skills, social skills, sensory sensitivity, need for sameness or routine, and difficulty with traditional learning methods. Go to: 

Apps to Support a Successful Transition - Includes supportive apps to aid in developing reading, writing, studying, daily living, organization, and vocational skills.Go to 

Artshop - Therapuetic Art Lessons - Adapted art classes and sessions for children and adults with disabilities in the comfort of their own home. Lessons are adapted to each student's interests, abilities, and goals. Develop artistic ability and expression, social/emotional skills, teach problem solving, develop self directed decision making skills, increase fine motor skills, increase attention span, increase sensory experiences, etc. Go to or call Danelle at 651-698-2859.

Bethel BUILD Program - Supportive and educational experience for individuals with intellectual disabilities. For more information or to set up a tour visit

Blast Summer Program - BLAST is a summer program through Arsys, LLC for disabled persons aged 5-21. Participants take part in outings in the community and work on various independent living skills and fun activities in the center. Staff to participant ratio is 1:4. Program hours are 7:30 am to 6:00 pm Monday thru Friday. Half or full days are available. Arsys is located at 3527 88th Ave. NE, Blaine, MN 55014 . Call 763-762-3210 for more information or to schedule a tour.

cantheclutter - Professional Organizing Service - Assists those with cognitive delays, mental health and/or behavioral issues displaying hoarding, disorganizational, and/or behavioral tendencies. Organizer can help develop organizational systems for decluttering mail, clothing, and papers; scheduling appointments; filling prescriptions or other time related events. Can assist with developing non-judgemental solutions, training/ directing staff, and shadowing. Contact Jan at [email protected] or 651.243.0089.

Braven Music School - Family oriented performance based music school (instrumental and voice) that gently pushes students out of their comfort zone through performance and teacher-led Rock Band lessons and teach the Three C's: Cooperation, Confidence, and Creativity. Taught at own level and pace. Teaching methods adapted to individual needs and limitations. 2 locations (Anoka and Ramsey). Visit or 763.571.9694.

DreamPad - Delivers music through gentle, calming vibration which only you can hear. The process brings about a relaxation response from the body and mind which has been aptly described as a "massage to the nervous system." Reduces stress, improves sleep, decreases sensory hypersensitivity. Go to: 

FutureLife Options (formerly called Lifetime Assistance Program) – A person –centered future planning process through ARC. Help individuals and families to document what is important in their lives with the goal to secure a high quality of life for the person, particularly when parents or other primary caregivers are no longer able to provide support. Create comprehensive plan that serves as a guide to anyone who will support the person in the future and is based on the goals and dreams the network identifies. Call Arc Greater Twin Cities 952-920-0855.

GizmoGadget (from Verizon) - 

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Keeps you connected to parents and caregivers with a bright 1.3–inch touchscreen. This wearable allows you to call up to 10 contacts and receive calls from them. Send short messages to GizmoGadget and locate it on a map from your phone. It’s even waterproof*. For more information go to: .

Hatchback Footwear - Children's Orthopedic Shoes for use with AFOs and other Orthotics. Visit: 

In-Home Massage Therapy – Female certified massage therapist that will go into home for medically fragile individuals for perform massages for $85/hour. Contact Kristin Balgaard at [email protected]

Next Level F.I.T. (Fitness Integrated Therapy) – A team of professionals offering an interdisciplinary health and wellness approach to working with adults with special needs. A dynamic team individualizes each fitness plan by catering to the specific needs of each person. The team provides a unique approach to wellness and their ability to show creativity and adaptations throughout each fitness session keeps clients motivated and focused. Contact for more information.

Embrace Watch – A watch designed to bring a better lifestyle to people that live with epilepsy: They get an alert when an unusual event happens, like a convulsive seizure, warning them and their loved ones. Go to . 

Higleymetals - Three wheeled bikes - Creates three wheeled bikes for kids. Parents buy the base and they create a three wheeled one from them. Very affordable. 

MN Life College Community Living Program - A lifelong program for MN Life College graduates to live independently in the community near their friends and workplaces, while participating in social activities, and accessing services as needed. For more information go to or call 612-869-4008.

MN Life College Undergraduate Program - A three year, educational transition program in Richfield to learn and practice independent living and social skills in and apartment with roommates, while gaining real-world, on the job employment training. For young adults with learning differences, ADHD and on the autism spectrum. Students must have an IQ of 70 or above and have no significant behavior or emotional problems. For more information go to or call 612-869-4008.

MN Life College Summer Internship Program (2017) - Gives students between the ages of 17-20 a real world, hands-on, and fun experience of living away from home in Richfield. For 3 weeks in July, participants will work on developing: social skills, employment skills through a small group, entry-level internship, and independent-living skills in a safe, college-like apartment setting to practice organization, budgeting, healthy choices, and personal safety in the community. Students must be diagnosed with learning differences, ADHD, on the autism spectrum, or have another neurological condition and have a full scale IQ of 70 or above, and have no significant behavior or emotional problems, and be able to demonstrate independent living skills. For more information go to or contact 612-876-9431 or email [email protected]

MN Life College Summer Program (2017) - The Academy of Whole Learning and MN Life College are teaming up to provide a specially designed 3-week summer program in Richfield for young adults with learning differences, ADHD and on the autism spectrum. Students must be 14 or older, have an IQ of 70 or above, and have no significant behavior or emotional problems. Students will have an opportunity to experience independent living/life by working and engaging in their community and building relationships with new friends. Students will develop academic skills, social skills, work skills through internship, and independent living skills. For more information go to or call 852-737-6900.

Uniquely Regal - Stylish weighted and compression clothes. Go to 

Safelink (for qualifying adults) - Receive a free SafeLink phone or keep your current phone. 350 FREE monthly minutes & unlimited texts with 500MB/month of FREE data. Qualify if on MA, SSI, SNAP, etc. Go to for more information.

Simple Song Studio - Board certified music therapist using music and visual arts to help participants heal body, mind, and spirit. Also provides movement to music. Provides comfort during times of stress, nurtures creativity, and enhances enjoyment of life. Go to 

SimpliSafe Security System - Wireless technology that you can program from a smart phone or laptop. Easy setup, expandability, custom setup options and ability to move with you if you relocate. Monthly fee. Very affordable. Go to: .

Trilock - Lockable Waterproof GPS Tracker - The latest technology for wandering and fall notification, as well as personal emergency emergency response system. Waterproof. Worn as a watch (which displays time and date), it uses 2G,3G, 4G cellular, GPS, and Bluetooth 4.0 technologies. Lockable clasp, SOS button (that makes a call to a number of your choosing), two way voice, setup and tracking (incl. geofencing) using secured website or app on Android or Apple phones. Monthly service plan. Go to .

Share Your Resource Ideas With Others!  If you come across a unique or helpful program, item or activity that you would recommend to others with physical, cognitive, or mental health challenges, please contact the CDCS Coordinator at [email protected].