Centennial Library Expansion

Centennial Library Proposed Design

The Centennial Library will undergo a renovation project that aims to greatly expand the size of the library and add exciting new spaces for creativity and collaboration. You can find information about the project and track its progress on this page. New information will be continually added throughout the duration of the project.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Project

Will the Centennial Library remain in the same location?

Yes, this is an expansion project. The Centennial Library will still be located at 100 Civic Heights Circle in Circle Pines.

When will construction begin?

Construction is expected to begin on the building in 2018 and to be finished in the spring of 2019.

Will the Centennial Library be closed during the project?

Yes, the Centennial Library will be closed during parts of the project. More specific information on closure dates will be announced in the future.

Who is the architect that will be designing the remodel?

The selection of Leo A. Daly was unanimously approved by the Anoka County Library's Board of Trustees as the architectural firm for this project.

How old is the current Centennial Library?

The Centennial Library building opened in November of 1985. In 1996 the library had extensive roof and exterior wall work carried out to repair moisture accumulation problems that were causing damage to the brick walls, but it has never undergone a planned remodel before.