Plat Submittal Information

Plat Manual
Anoka County has adopted the Manual of Guidelines for Platting in Minnesota as adopted by the Minnesota Society of Professional Surveyors and Minnesota Association of County Surveyors dated December 2009.  In addition, Anoka County has prepared a Plat Manual Addendum for items that are specific to Anoka County.  Every plat that is submitted to Anoka County will be reviewed in accordance with said manuals.

Plat Manual & Related Documents
At no time will the Anoka County Surveyor’s Office discuss the plat or its progress with anyone but the Survey Company who prepared the Plat.

Review the Final Plat
Please allow us up to 30 days to complete our initial review of the proposed Final Plat.  When we are finished with our review, we will e-mail comments to the surveyor who prepared the Plat. After the surveyor has revised the Plat, two paper copies should be sent to us for further review. When all corrections have been made, we will notify the Surveyor that the Final Plat is ready for Mylars.

At the time of filing, please submit Two Mylar copies of the plat (Official and City copies).  Do not label any copies of the Final Plat; Anoka County will stamp them accordingly.  

Fee Schedule
Effective August 1, 2011

 Service Fee 
Plat Checking - Subdivision Plats and Registered Land Surveys  $300.00 per Plat/RLS plus $30.00 per Lot, Outlot, or Tract with a Minimum of $400.00
CIC Plat Checking  $300.00 per CIC Plat, plus $30.00 per Unit with a Minimum of $400.00 
Plat Checking Revision  $100.00 per Revised CIC Plat, Plat, or RLS plus $30.00 per revised unit, lot, outlot, or Tract