Political Signs

The use of campaign signs is a vital part of any candidate’s campaign.   Minnesota statutes and local ordinances regulate the placement of political campaign signs.

To avoid complaints and to ensure your signs are not removed, it is imperative that you share sign placement information with your campaign workers.  We encourage candidates to reproduce and share the Anoka County Campaign Sign Placement Fact Sheet with campaign workers.  

Additional information about campaign sign placement is available on the Minnesota Department of Transportation website.

Statutory Sign Placement Restrictions

State statute prohibits placement of signs in certain areas including:
  • Placement, painting, printing or affixing on any object within the limits of any highway;
  • On private land without the consent of the owner or occupant;
  • On public utility poles;
  • On trees or shrubs;
  • By painting or drawing on rocks or natural features; and 
  • Within the “right of way” or blocking the sight lines of drivers entering the highway or leaving the highway onto public streets or private driveways

Determining Rights-of-Way

Rights-of-way vary from location to location and can be difficult for candidates and campaign workers to determine.   The Anoka County Highway Department has prepared general guidelines that are included in this packet.  If in doubt of the right-of-way at a specific location, contact the Anoka County Highway Department at 763.324.3100.  

Removal of Campaign Signs 

Campaign signs determined to be in violation of local, state or federal law can be removed by state, county, or municipal employees with or without prior notice.  Generally, when signs are removed, the signs are stored temporarily and an attempt is made to contact the responsible candidate or campaign.  

Disposal of Political Signs 

Anoka County is committed to caring for our environment, and encourages candidates to recycle campaign signs whenever possible.  Information about recycling options and proper disposal methods of signs are available here.