Campaign Tools and Information

Anoka County Geographic Information System (GIS)

Maps showing precinct, county commissioner, legislative and senate district boundaries are available through the Anoka County Geographic Information System (GIS) department.  Visit their website or contact them by phone at 763.324.3200.  See attached order form for prices and available formats.

Secretary of State Campaign Tools

The Secretary of State maintains data related to elections that can assist you in your campaign activities.  To find out more information about these resources, please visit the website of the Office of the Secretary of State, or call 651-201-1378.    

Minnesota Secretary of State Maps

- Maps showing legislative, county, city, township, and school district boundaries are available.

Precinct and Polling Place Locators

- The “precinct finder” contains voting districts by street name and house number ranges.  By looking up a certain address, users can identify various voting districts associated with that address.  Voting districts include precinct, ward, MCD code, county number, congressional, legislative, state senate, judicial, county commissioner, city/township, school district and county determined special districts.  You may purchase the precinct finder database from the Office of the Secretary of State or look up individual addresses using the web application at

Registered Voter Lists

- You may purchase a database containing voter registration information including name, address, telephone number, and voting history.  This data is available only to those conducting activities related to elections, political activities, or law enforcement.  The use of voter registration information for other purposes and dissemination of the information to others is a violation of Minnesota law. 

Voter Registration Information

Your constituents may need information about registering to vote.  All Minnesota voters can register online or check the status of their registration at 

Minnesota law allows any person or group to distribute and collect Voter Registration Applications (VRAs).  Applications are available at the Anoka County Elections Office or at the Office of the Secretary of State.  Persons distributing VRA’s should be aware of the following:
  • If a person is already registered, they do not need to re-register unless they have moved, changed their name, or have not voted in the previous four years.
  • Persons may register on-line at or they can submit a paper form.  
  • Paper VRAs may be returned in person or by mail.  
  • Pre-registration is allowed until 21 days prior to an election.  VRA’s must be physically in our office on the cut-off date for a person’s name to be printed on the polling place rosters.  
  • The pre-registration cut-off date for the November 7, 2017 General Election is October 18, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. 
  • Persons who do not pre-register may register at their polling place on Election Day by presenting state-approved identification.  Please see our website at  for a complete list of identification options.
  • A postcard will be mailed to each new registrant informing them where they will go to vote on Election Day; and their legislative, commissioner and school district numbers.
  • If you are collecting completed Voter Registration Applications, state law requires you to submit them to Anoka County Elections within 10 days after they are dated by the voter.  

Absentee and Early Voting Information

Any voter can vote by mail or in person beginning 46 days prior to each election.  Your constituents can get more information or request a ballot by visiting our website at  They can also call our office at 763.324.3200.  If you would like to distribute Absentee Ballot Applications, please contact our office to request the forms.  

Automatic Dialing Device Laws 

Automatic dialing devices sometimes used in campaigning are regulated by the State.  A memorandum from the MN Attorney General’s Office is attached which provides guidance to candidates, political campaigns, political parties, political committees, and others concerning Minnesota’s automatic dialing-announcing device law.