Property Tax Refund Program
There are two property tax refund programs for homeowners. You may qualify for one or both.

Regular Property Tax Refund
You may qualify if your taxes exceed certain income-based thresholds.  Income limits change as they are indexed annually for inflation. Limits increase with family size, up to five or more dependents.

Special Property Tax Refund
To qualify, your property taxes must have increased over last year by more than 12 percent and by at least $100. There is no income limit.

File For a Refund
Claim your refund by filing Form M1PR. Find the form and instructions at revenue.state.mn.us. Or call the Minnesota Department of Revenue 24-hour automated help line at 651-296-4444 or 1-800-657-3676 to have a form sent to you. TTY users, call 711 for Minnesota Relay.

Filing deadline is August 15. 

Homestead Market Value Exclusion
This program applies to residential homesteads and to the house, garage, and one acre of land on agricultural homesteads. The exclusion is a maximum of $30,400 at $76,000 of market value, and then decreases by nine percent for value over $76,000. The exclusion phases out for properties valued at $413,800 or more. Learn more about Homestead Market Value Exclusion and download the application.
Homeowners must own and occupy the property by December 1 and file their application by December 15 to quality for the exclusion on the current year’s market value for taxes payable the following year.