Public Health Nurse Family Home Visiting

 At NO Charge to YOU...
 Public Health Nurses can provide home visits to help you:

  • Have a healthier pregnancy and baby.
  • Receive breastfeeding support from a board certified lactation consultant or a certified
    nurse educator who can weigh and measure your baby.
  • Increase your confidence as a parent.
  • Plan your family and child spacing.
  • Get resources to support your family's needs.
Importance of a Father's Love: The Role Dads play in Child

Family dynamics have changed as two - parent households have become less common, however, research tells us fathers are just as important to a child's development as mothers. Fathers are far more than just a second adult in the home. Read more.

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      ​Anoka County Public Health Nurse Intake:            763-324-4240

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