Northern Technologies International Corporation


What: One time recycling of large quantities of cotton powder and soy oil.

Why: To stay committed to environmentally responsible business practices and open up space in the facility.

How: Partnered with Sanimax to find a recycling outlet for large quantities of organic material.

Results: Diverting 24,510 pounds of organic material and opening up inventory space.

NTIC Cotton Powder

When Waste Wise and Northern Technologies International Corporation (NTIC) were first introduced, Company Safety and Regulatory Officer, Alex Pepin, was interested in finding ways to recycle large quantities of cotton powder and soy oil that had been on site for over ten years. As an environmentally conscious company, NTIC was committed to recycling these organic materials in a responsible manner.

Waste Wise conducted a no-cost onsite consultation available to NTIC through a partnership with Anoka County. This program is aimed at helping area businesses reduce waste and recycle more. After viewing the materials and speaking with Alex, Waste Wise contacted Sanimax and put the two parties in contact. This connection proved to be beneficial for both Sanimax and NTIC.
“I would like to express our very sincere thanks in helping us get our cotton powder and soy oil out of our inventory,” Alex stated in an email to Waste Wise. “It was very nice to responsibly dispose of over 31 pallets of waste.” This one time recycling operation moved more than a truckload of material from NTIC’s floor resulting in added operational space.

As a result NTIC diverted a total of 24,510 pounds of waste. While they had to pay for the removal of the cotton powder, NTIC was paid for their soy oil, which helped to offset these costs significantly.

NTIC maintains a substantial weekly recycling service through Waste Management, offsetting much of their waste stream. Northern Technologies International often encounters unique waste situations and Waste Wise remains committed to assisting as new situations and materials arise.