​The Statewide Health Improvement Partnership focuses on increasing physical activity, improving nutrition and reducing the number of people who use tobacco or are exposed to it.

Did you know that 27.6% of Minnesotans are obese - caused by insufficient physical activity and unhealthy eating - increasing risk for heart disease and diabetes, among other chronic illnesses.  14.4% of adult Minnesotans smoke cigarettes, leading to various cancers and heart disease.

Obesity and tobacco use and exposure are the two leading causes of death.​​  We all want to be healthy, but sometimes we need a helping hand.  SHIP makes the healthy choice the easy choice. 

​The Healthy Minnesota 2020 Statewide Health Improvement Framework prioritizes stronger, more effective community engagement. Communities are stronger when they create their own healthy futures. We are grateful for the support, time and expertise from our Community Leadership Team. ​ ​

Community Leadership Team
Cheryl Hanks, Chair ​
​Capt. Lenny Austin, Columbia Heights Police Department
​Jackie Cross, Anoka County Head Start Director, Anoka County Community Action Program ​
​Joel Esmay, Medical Consultant ​
​Dr. Edwards Evans, Country Resident ​
​Mike Gamache, County Commissioner ​
​John Hanson, Medtronic ​
​Cynthia Hiltz, Health Service Coordinator, Anoka-Hennepin ISD #11 ​
​Barb Loe, County Resident ​
​Gerald Maeckelbergh, North Suburban Hospital Board
​Craig Malm, Director of Community Engagement, Mercy/Unity Hospital ​
​Jerry Nelson, Country Resident ​
​Lyn Stepaniak, County Resident