How Do I Develop My Plan?

Once the resource amount is determined, families must complete their own person centered Community Support Plan (CSP) identifying how the funds will be used. The plan may contain a mix of paid and unpaid services, formal and informal supports and goods/items that address the assessed needs. The information needed in these plans is outlined in the mandatory orientation that the participant and/or the legal guardian/designee must attend.

The plan must include:
  • Supports and services you need and plan to use
  • Costs of each support or service
  • Plans to monitor your services or supports
  • Qualifications of the people that will provide your services or supports
  • Training you would like your supports to have.
Support Planners, certified by the Department of Human Services, can help you through this process if needed. Services may not begin until the plan is approved by Anoka County. Ask your case manager for a list of Support Planners or go to
Participants are responsible for arranging their own supports and services as identified in the plan.