What Are My Responsibilities?

It is important that waiver participants who utilize the CDCS option understand what their rights and responsibilities are when using these services.  Participants and/or their guardian are responsible for implementing and managing this self directed option.
Anoka County provides information about the CDCS option through the case manager, community informational sessions, and written information to educate participants about available service options, their responsibilities, and the service limitations.  Once the participant is given their annual resource allocation amount, he/she MUST attend orientation to get this process started.
Waiver funds, using the CDCS option, does not equate to a cash allowance.  Services and/or goods are authorized by Anoka County and may be purchased as part of an approved person centered plan, the Community Support Plan (CSP) using a preauthorized individualized resource allocation.  Participants must choose and work with a fiscal management service (FMS) .  The FMS is the bill payer, processes timesheets, helps with employer paperwork, provides education to the participant and is either the employer or assists the participant as the employer.  All approved goods and services are run through this service.  The participant along with the FMS and case managers must monitor the budget closely so that it is not overspent. 

Each year the participant will need to be reassessed for eligibility and needs to submit a new Community Support Plan (CSP) to their case manager for approval.