Consumer Directed Community Support Option (CDCS)

  1. What is CDCS?

  2. Who Is Eligible?

    Learn about who is eligible for CDCS and who to contact to determine eligibility and/or getting the process started.

  3. What Are My Responsibilities?

    CDCS is a self directed option where the participant must manage and implement the service options.

  4. How Is My Budget Determined?

  5. How Do I Develop My Plan?

  6. What Can CDCS Funds Be Used For?

    All goods and services must follow basic program principles and criteria.

  7. How Can I Get Started?

  8. Forms & Guides

    Following are forms and guides that you will need to manage the CDCS option.

  9. CDCS Newsletters

    Monthly newsletter including any new changes within the past 12 months and recommended resource information.

  10. Resources

    Following are some recommended resources that other CDCS participants have recommended. This does not mean Anoka County is endorsing or will automatically approve these resources.