The mission of Anoka County is to serve citizens in a 
respectful, innovative, and fiscally responsible manner.

  1. Board of Commissioners

    Learn about the members and purpose of the Board of Commissioners.

  2. County Attorney's Office

    Get information about the criminal justice system, family law, victim witness services, and more.

  3. Sheriff's Office

    Check out the Sheriff's Office.

  4. Courts

    The Office of Court Administrator serves as the official keeper of the records for all legal case types filed in Anoka County. Anoka County Court is part of the 10th Judicial District, State of Minnesota.

  5. County Departments

    A complete listing of Anoka County divisions and departments

  6. Other Agencies

    Other government agencies that represent residents of Anoka County

  7. Municipalities

    Cities and townships in Anoka County.

  8. Schools

    Public K-12 and post-secondary schools in Anoka County.

  9. Go Anoka County

    Go Anoka County is an online resource filled with information that identifies opportunities to engage in physical activity; such as biking or walking for transportation, exercising for pleasure, playing in the park, and finding public recreation opportunities and facilities.

  10. Transparency Portal

    View more about your local government.

  11. Social Media Portal

    Stay connected with Anoka County.