Government Documents

The Anoka County Library has been a selective Federal Depository Library since 1971. The Library selects only a small percentage of all federal government documents produced, but provides electronic links to a wide range of additional federal documents. On a local level, the Library also provides access to various regional, state, county, and city government information as well as Metropolitan Council publications. Federal and local materials come in many formats: books, pamphlets, maps, magazines, CD-ROMs, Internet sites, etc.

While the Northtown Library still receives some federal documents in tangible form, many of the the items received in the past have been replaced with electronic equivalents, provided the electronic version is complete, official, and permanently accessible. Thus, the majority of the Library's federal government documents are accessible through the online catalog via electronic links. Search for them by title, subject, author, or publishing government agency.

Government Information Websites

Although there are many government websites available online, a couple of good one-stop, free online sites for accessing official Federal Government information include:

U.S. Government Publishing Office's Federal Digital System

More links to government-related websites can be found on our Government & Politics Subject Guide.