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Coon Rapids Heart Safe Program is Saving Lives 

The Heart Safe Coon Rapids program has trained more than 16,000 community members on CPR and Automated External Defibrillator use. The program is credited with giving Denise Klint the kno-how to save the life of her coworker, Tanitha Johnson, in early February. Read More

Coon Rapids HeartSafe


Ham Lake Heart Safe program is off to   
     a great start for 2017.
Do you know how to tell when someone has   
suffered cardiac arrest? Do you know how to help?
Forty residents have been trained within the last couple of months as Ham Lake pursues their HeartSafe Community designation.

 Heart Safe is a program that is designed to teach  Bystander (compression only) CPR  and how to use an AED (Automated External Defibrillator). The goal is to increase survival rates for victims of sudden cardiac arrest.

Ham Lake is committed to becoming a Heart Safe Community.  The Ham Lake Area Chamber of Commerce is showing their support with a grant program for Ham Lake businesses who meet the qualifications.   Way to go, Ham Lake! Read more...

Coon Rapids Kiwanis Club Donates AED's to Local Organizations:  The Coon Rapids Kiwanis Club donated four automated external defibrillators(AED)  to the Coon Rapids Heart Safe Program. A fifth AED was donated by an anonymous donor.  Read More....

Local Cardiac Arrest Survivor:
Greg Stewart and his family have reasons to be thankful and have these words of advice:

LEARN CPR, It is so important!

 Read more... 

In 2015, Andover aspired to be a Heart Safe Community.


East Bethel Firefighter, Doug Doebbert is training Joe Reinert and Skyler Gish from St. Stephen's Catholic School on how to use an Automated External Defibrallator (AED) as Andover completes all of the rigorous requirements to become another
Heart Safe Community! Way to go!


​ Heart Safe Communities Overview
“Being a Heart Safe Community can save lives.”

 Sudden cardiac arrest can happen anywhere, at any time, to anyone – and it is almost always fatal.

Fact: In MN, cardiovascular events (including cardiac arrest) is the second–leading cause of death and responsible for almost 20% of deaths. (MDH)
 Fact: In 2010, more than 35% of deaths in MN, due to heart disease, happened prior to arriving at the hospital. (MDH)

Fact:  More people die of sudden cardiac arrest than breast, lung, colon, and prostate cancer combined.

The Heart Safe program is a proactive program to decrease the annual death rate caused by sudden cardiac arrest within MN.

 Friends, family, co-workers, and bystanders are more likely to witness the onset of a sudden cardiac event. Ordinary citizens trained  in Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and automated external defibrillators (AEDs) can initiate care and alert the EMS system.


For more information please contact:

  Officer Bryan Platz,
 Coon Rapids Police Dept

  [email protected]   763-767-6481

  Fireman Troy Lachinsk
  East Bethel Fire Dept.   

  Tim Hoffman, Sudden Cardiac Survivor
    [email protected]

  Carla Pederson, Health Educator

   Anoka County Comm. Health & Env.

 What are Heart Safe

They are communities who have successfully received the Heart Safe Community Designation because the community chose to intentionally evaluate and improve their community’s readiness for cardiac events. It is teaching ordinary citizens in the community to recognize the signs and symptoms of a sudden cardiac event and know how to render care and get help “on the way, right away.”

  • To educate community members in   hands-only CPR.
  • To train community members how to use an AED (automated external defibrillator).
  • To expand local access to AEDs where people  live, work, and play.

Why is this important? Please watch these videos:  
Who can become a HeartSafe Community?
Any city, municipality, county, or organization in MN can apply for the Heart Safe designation through the MN Dept. of Health

   Look who has already achieved their award! 

  •     NEW! City of Andover
  •     NEW! Coon Rapids HS Campus      
  •     Columbia Heights, 
  •     Coon Rapids,
  •      Ramsey 
  •      East Bethel 
  Cities in Progress:
  •  Bethel
  •  Ham Lake
  •  Nowthen
  • St. Francis

            Your city can be next! 

Help make Anoka County a HeartSafe County by engaging your community in applying for this award. 

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