Help for Adults

If you are dealing with an immediate behavioral health crisis, call the Anoka County Crisis Response line at 763-755-3801. The line is open all day, every day, and there is no charge for the call. Go to the Crisis Services page for more information.

You are considered an adult if you are 18 or older. If you, or the person you are concerned about, are under the age of 18, go to the Help for Children page.
If you want more information about the services you see here, call:
 - Adult Mental Health at 763-324-1420

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  1. I'm worried about the cost. How will I pay for mental health treatment?{payfortreatment}

    If you have health insurance coverage:

    Most health insurance policies have coverage for behavioral health treatments, including counseling, psychiatric treatment, inpatient and outpatient treatment, medications and more.

    Your health insurance may be provided by an employer, or you may have purchased your own coverage through an exchange or broker. Public assistance programs, such as Medical Assistance (MA), are a type of health insurance.

    However you receive health insurance coverage, there will be a phone number you can call. Your insurance card should have that number, usually on the back of the card. There may be an email or website address you can use to get more information about behavioral health coverage.

    If you need more advice, call Anoka County Adult Mental Health at 763-324-1420.

    If you are looking for health insurance:

    You may be able to get health insurance through MNSure, Medicaid, Medical Assistance, or other programs. The Anoka County Economic Assistance department can help you understand your options. To get started and find out if you qualify, call the Economic Assistance EZInfo line at 763-422-7200.

    If you do not have insurance and need help paying for medicines:

    You may be able to get a medication voucher from Anoka County, which pays for a one-time, 30-day supply of your medicine. If you already have health insurance, you cannot get a medication voucher. You cannot use a voucher to help pay for co-pays or deductible expenses. To find out if you qualify for a one-time medication voucher, call Adult Mental Health at 763-324-1420.

    If you do not have insurance and are looking for low-cost or free services:

    You may be able to use a clinic that offers a sliding scale for payment, meaning that the payment is based on your financial ability to pay. You may also be able to use a clinic that offers limited free services. For more information about clinics with sliding scale payments or free services, go to the Community Resources page. Or, call Adult Mental Health at 763-324-1420 for information and advice.
  2. Finding help seems complicated. How do I get the right kind of treatment?{righttreatment}

    If you have a serious problem and feel that you are in a crisis, call the Crisis Response Line at 763-755-3801. The line is open all day, every day, and there is no charge for the call.

    If you are simply looking for advice and information on where to start, you can always call Adult Mental Health at 763-324-1420 during business hours, Monday through Friday. Here are some more ideas for getting started:

    Using insurance:

    Look on the back of your insurance card for a customer service phone number. Call that number and ask for help finding a clinic or provider that your insurance covers.

    Your insurance card may also have a phone number for an assistance or advice line. If your insurance has that option, call it for advice on getting treatment.

    Getting an appointment with a psychiatrist or psychologist:

    There are many mental health care providers in Anoka County. You can see a list of providers on our Community Resources page. If you need help finding a provider, you can call Adult Mental Health at 763-324-1420.

    Getting a Psychological Evaluation or a Diagnostic Assessment:

    You can learn more about the difference between them by going to the Understand Diagnostic Assessment, Psychological Evaluation and other Tests page.

    If you have health insurance, you should contact your health insurance provider to find a location for a psychological evaluation. Look for the customer service number on the back of your health insurance ID card and call that number.

    If you can't get a psychological evaluation through your health insurance, or you do not have health insurance, call Adult Mental Health at 763-324-1420 for help. Adult Mental Health can also help you determine whether you need a psychological evaluation or a neuropsychological assessment.

    Getting ARMHS services:

    ARMHS stands for Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services. An ARMHS provider can help you improve your basic living and social skills and can help you understand your medications. Go to the Learn more about ARMHS page.

    Go to the Mental Health Providers Serving Anoka County page to see a list of ARMHS providers that you can contact directly. Anoka County Adult Mental Health is not an ARMHS provider, but we can help you find one. Call Adult Mental Health at 763-324-1420.
  3. I feel overwhelmed. Can I get a case manager to help?{casemanager}

    A case manager is an Anoka County social worker who is assigned to help you set and reach your goals and coordinate your behavioral health treatment plan. The social worker is not a therapist or behavioral health care provider, but he or she can help you take full advantage of your treatments and be successful at home and in your community.

    To find out if you qualify for case management, you must have had a Diagnostic Assessment within the past 180 days. To learn more about the Diagnostic Assessment, see Understand Diagnostic Assessment, Psychological Assessment, and other Tests.

    If you qualify for case management, you must agree to meet with your social worker at least once a month. That meeting usually takes place in your home.

    If you have questions about getting a case manager, call Adult Mental Health at 763-324-1420.
  4. Drugs and/or alcohol are part of the problem. How do I get help with chemical health treatment?{drugsalcohol}

    Call Adult Mental Health at 763-324-1420 for information and referrals.

    You may be eligible for public funding to pay for chemical health treatment. Learn more at Get Help with Drug and Alcohol Problems.
  5. I need a job and a place to live and help with my benefits. Can you help me?{needotherhelp}


    The Anoka County Workforce Center can help you develop your job search skills and find a place to work. Start by calling the Anoka County Workforce Center at 763-324-2300. You can learn more at the Anoka County Workforce Center website.

    If your mental health condition has disabled you, the Workforce Center may be able to help with counseling and training. For more information, go to the Workforce Center Counseling, Training and Job Skills page.


    Housing is a basic need that can be hard to afford without a little help. Anoka County takes part in the Coordinated Entry system to best serve people who may be at risk of becoming, or are currently, homeless. People who complete a Step One Assessment may be eligible to receive housing services. To start the process, follow the steps below:
    • If you currently receive case management services of any kind start by contacting your County Case Manager, or “worker.”
    • If you are someone who is in need and do not have a County Case Manager, or “worker,” you may contact one of these agencies for a Step One Assessment:
      • Singles: Stepping Stone Emergency Housing, 763-323-7006
      • Families: The Salvation Army - Coon Rapids, 763-755-6873
      • Youth under 21 years of age: YMCA, - 763-493-3052


    Anoka County's Economic Assistance (EA) staff can help answer your questions about SNAP, cash, medical, insurance or other benefits. Call the EZInfo line at 763-422-7200 to hear options and talk to a staff person. Be sure to have your case number ready so staff can help you.
  6. I just want to talk to someone. Who can I call?{justtalk}

    Call the Warmline at 651-288-0400, Tue - Sat, 4pm - 10pm. The Warmline is a safe and secure phone line for people working on their recovery. The Warmline is answered by a knowledgeable, compassionate, caring, and professionally trained staff of Peer Support Specialists who have first-hand, personal experience dealing with a psychiatric diagnosis. Learn more at  Or, call Adult Mental Health at 763-324-1420. We can suggest resources over the phone. We may even be able to meet with you at our offices to connect you to services that can be provided in your home, your community, or in other Anoka County offices.
  7. I'm concerned about someone else who needs help. Where do I start?{someoneelse}

    Emergency Situations

    If you are worried that the other person may cause immediate harm to themselves or others, call 911 for Emergency Services and explain the situation to the dispatcher.

    Crisis Situations

    If the other person is showing signs of being in a crisis, call the Crisis Response line for Anoka County at 763-755-3801. The line is open all day, every day, and the call is free. The Crisis Response line is for both adults and children. Learn more about Crisis Services.

    Not an Emergency or Crisis

    If the person you are worried about is 18 or older, call Adult Mental Health at 763-324-1420 for advice on next steps.

    If you are concerned about a child, under age 18, call Children's Mental Health at 763-324-1420. See Help for Children.