Candidate Filing

Candidates are required to provide information to the public during and after the election season, regardless of whether they are ultimately elected to office. Some information is necessary to administer the election. Other information, like financial disclosures, are required by law, and there are penalties in place for non-compliance. Please contact the Anoka County Elections Office at (763)324-1300 with questions or concerns about public data.

2018 Filing Information for County Offices and SWCD Offices

Filing Information for County Offices & Soil and Water Conservation District Offices
​• Campaign Finance
​• Campaign Tools
​• Political Signs
​• Election Results

Additional Filing Information for all Candidates

2018 Campaign Manual
​• Candidate filing dates
​• Candidate filing locations
​• Candidate filing form
​• Candidate filing fees
​• Campaign filing packet
​• Campaign practices
Answers to additional questions on candidate filing and campaigning can be found at the Secretary of State's site, or you may contact us at:
Anoka County Elections
[email protected]