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The Campaign Finance Database is an easy way to search for the financial reports submitted by county commissioner candidates and county elected officials.

Financial reporting forms can be filed by candidates on their own behalf, or by committees formed to manage campaigns for the candidates. Some candidates will have forms filed under both candidates and committees. To find all forms submitted by and on behalf of a certain candidate, users should search both areas. Additional search tips are provided below.

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Search Tips
If you are unsure of the exact candidate or committee name you may use the asterisk (*) as a wild card to bring up more results. If the candidate’s name is John Smith, searching *Smith* would bring up any records that have other words before and/or after the word. For example: *Smith* would display results of all entries with the word Smith like "John W. Smith," "Committee to Re-elect John Smith, "Smith Election Committee," or "John Smith for County Commissioner."

Financing Rules
Campaign finance refers to the means by which money is raised for election campaigns. As campaigns have many expenditures, ranging from the cost of travel for the candidate and others to the purchasing of air time for TV advertisements, candidates often spend a great deal of time and effort raising money to finance their cause. According to government statutes and rules, candidates are to disclose this information to the public.