Rehabilitation Loan Program

**The Rehabilitation Loan Program is currently on hold until further notice.**

The Rehabilitation Loan Program provides deferred loan financing to income-eligible homeowners needing to address health, safety, and energy efficiency concerns in the home. To determine if a repair or condition qualifies for the Rehabilitation Loan Program, contact Michael Hochhalter at 763-323-5708.

Maximum loan amount is $27,000 and for properties taxed as real estate. The loan is forgiven after the borrower remains a primary resident, in the home, for 15 years (loan terms may vary for manufactured homes). If the borrower sells, transfers title, or ceases to occupy the property as his/her principal residence during the term of the loan, the loan will become due and payable. 

Properties must be owner-occupied, located in Anoka County, and must be one of the following: 

  • Single-family detached home
  • Duplex in which the Borrower occupies at least one unit
  • Condominium unit or townhome (only the portion of real estate owned by the Borrower is eligible for financing under RLP - Common areas owned by the association are not eligible)
  • Certain mobile / manufactured homes
Income Limits (An eligible Borrower cannot exceed the income limit per family size - income is based on GROSS Annual Income):

2016 Household Size Income Limits
  • 1 Persons = $18,100
  • 2 Persons = $20,600
  • 3 Persons = $23,200
  • 4 Persons = $25,800
  • 5 Persons = $27,900
  • 6 Persons = $29,900
  • 7 Persons = $32,000
  • 8 Persons = $34,000
Resident Documentation

Borrowers must have owned the property and resided in the property as his/her principal residence for at least 6 months. Borrowers must apply to Anoka County Community Development Department as a first step to be approved for a loan.

Documents (both documents below are required for the submission of your application):

Rehabilitation Loan Program MN Housing Application
Rehabilitation Loan Program Anoka County Application