Master Recycler/Composter Resources

Information for current Master Recycler/Composters (MRC)
Course files and presentations for current Master Recycler/Composter class attendees.

September 23
Intro to MRC Course (1.63 MB)
Waste Management System (5.23 MB)
Waste Reduction and Reuse (3 MB)
    Week 1 Quiz

September 30 

Statewide Overview of Organics (1.0 MB)

Organics in Anoka County

Collection of Organics Curbside (1.0 MB)
Composting Yard Waste and Organics on a Large Scale (4.1 MB)
Worm Composting (275 KB)
    Week 2 Quiz

October 7
Recycling Overview (4.4 MB)
Link to video in presentation about MRFs
Residential Program Options (1.6 MB)
Business Recycling (1.4 MB)
    Week 3 Quiz

October 14
Elk River Resource Processing Plant (1.1 MB)
Link to video about ERRPP
Household Hazardous Waste (.48 MB)
Business Hazardous Waste (6.5 MB)
    Week 4 Quiz
October 21
Composting at Home (3.0 MB)
Community POWER Grants (1.1 MB)
Event Recycling (4.6 MB)
    Week 5 Quiz
Green Events (3.0 MB) For reference, this topic not covered in class.

Master Recycler/Composter Program Coordinator