Well and septic fix-ups (low interest loans)

Summer 2016 - This program is temporarily suspended.

Agricultural Best Management Practices (AgBMP) Loan is a water quality program that provides low interest loans to land owners. The program purpose is to improve water quality as identified by Cities or the County in local water plans. It is unique in its structure and is not duplicated by other programs or funding sources.

The AgBMP Loan Program is funded by the Minnesota State Legislature, the Minnesota Public Facilities Authority, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and is administered through the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.

The AgBMP Loan Program provides financing at below-market interest rates. These low interest loans save you money making it more economical to implement practices that improve and protect water quality. 

Loans for:

  • Septic Systems 
  •  Private Wells


Who May Apply:


  • Landowners 

Application Process:

  • Landowner (Borrower) completes loan application 
  • County evaluates application and decides if eligible for funds 
  • Borrower completes the project with licensed/certified installer or contractor
  • Borrower provides bills and receipts to the County
  • Borrower and County close the loan 
  •  Special assessment certified to property tax


Terms of Loan:

  • Loan amounts are limited to $100,000 to any one individual or project 
  • Maximum loan length is 10 years 
  • Interest rate 3% plus normal and customary fees
  • Borrower repays the County via special assessment to property tax


Eligible Activities:


 Septic Systems 

  • Mound Septic Systems 
  • Septic Repair/Replacement
  • Cluster Systems
  • New Construction 

  Private Wells

  • To meet set back requirements
  • Repair broken casings
  • Contaminated wells
  • Abandon/sealing open wells
  • Must solve an existing or potential groundwater pollution problem 

Ineligible Activities:

  • Projects already completed
  • Activities for operations that have had court filings brought against them


Contact Information

Barb McKusick
Community Development Coordinator
Phone: 763-323-5722
Fax: 763-323-5682