Campaign Signs

Reuse:  Keep signs to reuse again.
Recycle:  Paper, plastic and metal campaign signs can be recycled.

Paper Signs:  Remove metal stakes and any wood, recycle with mixed paper.
Plastic Signs:  Remove metal stakes and any wood, recycle with mixed plastic or designated area.
Metals Signs and Stakes:  Separate any metal from the campaign sign and recycle with scrap metal.

Deliver to one of the recycling drop-off centers listed below:

Small Quantity Recycling Drop-off Options

Andover Recycling Center
1825 Crosstown Blvd NW
8 am to 8 pm, every day


Coon Rapids Recycling Center
1831 111th Ave N
Coon Rapids
October - March
Sunday, Monday: Closed
Tuesday - Saturday, 9 am to 3 pm, except holidays

April - September
Sunday, Monday: Closed
Tuesday, Thursday, 2 pm to 8 pm
Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, 9 am to 3 pm, except holidays

Large quantities of signs may also be delivered for recycling to the following locations:

Large Quantity Drop-off Options

Better Futures Enterprises
6100 Olson Memorial Hwy, Golden Valley
[email protected]
Call for hours and delivery instructions.

Choice Plastics
5338 Shoreline Drive, Mound
[email protected]
Large quantities only.
Call 2-3 days prior for delivery instructions.

Non-recyclable signs may be placed in the garbage or taken to a garbage drop-off location listed below:

Disposal Options

Elk River Landfill
22460 Hwy 169 NW
Elk River

Great River Energy Processing Plant
10700 165th Ave NW
Elk River
Maple Grove Transfer Stations/WMI
10633 89th Ave N
Maple Grove
SRC Transfer Stations & Recycle Center
6320 E Viking Blvd
Walters Recycling & Refuse Inc.
2830 101st Ave NE