Construction Weekly

Welcome to the 2018 Construction Weekly!

These updates are published weekly during the construction season, with details about construction projects throughout Anoka County. A map of the 2018 Road Construction projects will be posted at the bottom of this page when it becomes available.

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Updates for August 10, 2018

Hanson Boulevard (CSAH 78) Railroad Bridge Overpass Project in the City of Coon Rapids
UPDATE – Utility crews continue with installation of new wire & fiber cables in newly placed conduits. This wire installation work will continue thru the month of August.  Watermain installation work has again been re-scheduled to begin in mid to late September.

Lake Drive (CSAH 23) Frontage Road Improvement Project from Hamline Avenue North to Village Parkway in the Cities of Circle Pines and Lexington 
UPDATE – Concrete flatwork was completed this past week for a majority of entrances along the north frontage roads.  Remaining concrete items are expected to be completed during the week of August 13th.  Asphalt paving was completed for one of the two frontage roads, north of Lake Drive, while the other road was covered with the first layer.  The final layer of asphalt is scheduled to be completed during the upcoming week. Turf restoration continues throughout the project and will continue through next week in ditch and boulevard areas.

Lake Drive (CSAH 23) Roundabout Construction from 700’ east of Zurich St. NE to 300’ west of the SB I 35 ramps in the City of Columbus
UPDATE – Clearing of trees and stumps was completed this past week.  Some utilities have completed their required relocation, while others continue with the process.  Work on the by-pass lanes, storm pond excavation and excavating of topsoil throughout the project will take place during the week of August 13th.

East Main Street (CSAH 14) Signal Replacement & Roadway Rehabilitation Project from 7th Avenue (CSAH 7) to Round Lake Boulevard NW (CSAH 9) in the Cities of Anoka and Coon Rapids
UPDATE –  All construction requirements for this project have now been completed.  Modification to the existing signal system at the intersection of East Main Street and Round Lake Boulevard was to take place in July, but delivery has been delayed until later this summer.  This work will require a vertical adjustment on the existing steel signal pole bases.

Completed Projects

125th Avenue NE (CSAH 14) from Opal Street to 4th Avenue in the Cities of Blaine and Lino Lakes

Foley Blvd (CSAH 11) from Egret Blvd to Northdale Blvd (CSAH 12) in the City of Coon Rapids

UPDATE - Completed

East River Road (CSAH 1) & Mississippi Street (CSAH 6) Signal Replacement and Modification in the City of Fridley 
UPDATE  - Completed

Bunker Lake Boulevard (CSAH 116) from Crane Street NW to 500 feet east of Van Buren Street NE in the Cities of Andover and Ham Lake
UPDATE - Completed

2018 County Wide Overlay Program

CSAH 1 – East River Road NE from Charles Street NE to Rice Creek Way NE in the City of Fridley 
UPDATE - Traffic continues to be reduced to a single lane in each direction for the full length of the project.  All required concrete items were completed this past week which includes the newly added sidewalk placed along the north bound lanes of East River Road.  For the week of August 13th, work will consist of topsoil placement behind the newly placed curb and sidewalk, milling the top two inches of existing asphalt and adjusting all man-holes and gate valves that are in the roadway.

CSAH 7 – Roanoke Street NW from 1100 feet north of 165th Avenue NW to the Rum River Bridge in the City of Andover
UPDATE – All required asphalt paving was completed this past week.  For the upcoming week, gravel shouldering is scheduled to be placed on Monday the 13th.  This will be followed by the placement of permanent roadway striping.

CR 61 – Xylite St. from 153rd Avenue NE to Constance Boulevard (CR 60) in the City of Ham Lake
–  The first layer of asphalt was completed this past week along with the placement of concrete curb & gutter.  The final layer of asphalt is scheduled for late in the week of August 13th.

CSAH 11– Foley Boulevard from East River Road (CSAH 1) to Coon Rapids Boulevard (CSAH 3) in the City of Coon Rapids
UPDATE – Crews are scheduled to remove and replace the existing top two inches of asphalt during the week of August 13th.  No detour will be required for this work, but drivers should expect delays.  Depending on the weather, this work is scheduled to be completed in one week. 

Completed Overlay Projects

CSAH 28 - Right Turn Construction on Ambassador Blvd NW (eastbound) at TH 47 in the City of St. Francis
– Completed - County crews will complete topsoil placement in curved areas later in the summer.

CSAH 116 – Bunker Lake Boulevard NE from 200 feet west of Able Street to Buchanan Street NE in the City of Ham Lake
- Completed

CSAH 28 - Ambassador Blvd NW from Nacre Street NW to Bridgestone Drive NW & Nacre Street NW from Ambassador Blvd NW to the Anoka/Isanti County Line in the City of St. Francis
-  Completed

CR 70 – Nacre Street NW from Ambassador Blvd NW from Nacre Street NW to Hill & Dale Drive in the City of St. Francis
UPDATE – Completed

CR 84 – Otter Lake Road from County Road J to 530 feet south of Cedar Street in the City of Lino Lakes
– Completed

CSAH 10 – County Road 10 NE from Cottagewood Terrace NE to Arthur Street NE in the City of Spring Lake Park
–  Completed

Work By Others in Anoka County

Metropolitan Council NAI Phase 9 Interceptor Project along East River Road (CSAH 1) near 44th Avenue in the City of Fridley
UPDATE – For detailed information, please see the MCES project website:

City of Andover
CSAH 18 (Crosstown Boulevard)
Project Information – Construction of bike trail from Bunker Lake Boulevard north to 140th Avenue on the east side of Crosstown Boulevard.  This will include a boardwalk over the wetland south of Fire Station #1.  Work is to begin early in the month of August.