Construction Weekly

Welcome to the Construction Weekly for the 2017 Construction Season!


These updates are published weekly (usually Fridays) during the construction season, with details about construction projects throughout Anoka County.  A map of the 2017 Road Construction projects will be posted at the bottom of this page, when the project list is completed.
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Update for March 24, 2017

125th Avenue (CSAH 14) Reconstruction from Radisson Road (CSAH 52) to Harpers Street NE in the City of Blaine 


– The signal installation at both Cloud Drive and Harpers Street is now completed as both signal systems were placed in operation on Friday, November 18th. Minor turf restoration items will be addressed as weather will allow. The remaining portion of the project that lies from Radisson Road to approximately three hundred feet to the east, will be completed in the spring of 2017. Drivers may notice “rough spots” on the recent westbound paved lanes. These spots will be corrected in 2017, prior to the completion of the project.
Bunker Lake Boulevard (CSAH 116) from Crane Street NW to 500 feet east of Van Buren Street NE in the Cities of Andover and Ham Lake 


– The Bunker Lake Boulevard road closure between Butternut Street NW and Terrace Road NE will continued to be closed during the week of March 27th. Those who wish to access Anoka County Farms must arrive coming from the west of the entrance location. Those who wish to access the Copart property must arrive coming from the east of the entrance location. Access to both Bunker Hills Activity Center and County Parkway “A” should arrive only from the west of these entrance locations. The current excavation of unsuitable material from the existing roadway will continue through the upcoming week, as the “muck” excavation depths are deeper than what was expected. Traffic lanes between Goldenrod Street NW and Butternut Street NW has been shifted to the south, so storm sewer installation on the westbound lane can begin. In approximately two to three weeks, the City of Andover will be installing new sanitary sewer and water line for the Bunker Hills Activity Center. This work will begin at the intersection of Goldenrod Street NW and 137th Lane NW and continue south until the installation crosses Bunker Lake Boulevard. Advanced notification will be given to residents prior this work beginning, as Goldenrod Street NW will be temporarily closed until this specific work is completed.  
Foley Blvd (CSAH 11) from Egret Blvd to Northdale Blvd (CSAH 12) in the City of Coon Rapids


– Various water main and hydrant installations will take place during the week of March 27th. On Monday, the contactor will install water main on the west side of Foley Boulevard at 111th Avenue & 112th Lane. Closures for these streets have already been installed. On Tuesday, water main and gate valve installation will take place at 113th Avenue (west of Foley Boulevard) and 109th Lane. A temporary closure will take place on 109th Lane starting at 7:00 AM. A temporary closure will also be required at 113th Avenue, scheduled to begin at 9:00 AM. On Wednesday, March 29th, closures will take place at 111th Avenue (7:00 AM) and 109th Avenue (9:00 AM) on the east of side Foley Boulevard for both streets while water main and gate valves are installed. Water main and gate valve installation will also take place at 111th Lane, east of Foley Boulevard, on Thursday March 30th. Signs indicating alternate routes for all closed intersections will be installed to assist in redirecting drivers.

2017 Anoka County Road Construction Projects

The map of the 2017 road construction projects will be posted when the listing is complete.