Health-related services provided to residents by the County.
  1. Immunizations

    Low-cost vaccinations for children on a Minnesota Health Care Program, uninsured / under-insured children through age 18, and uninsured / under-insured adults ages 19 and older, limited vaccines.

  2. Radon Testing

  3. Well Water Testing

  4. Mental and Chemical Health

    Referral and case management services for adults and children.

  1. Public Health Services

    Immunization clinics, tobacco reduction, violence prevention, and more.

  2. Environmental Health Services

    Regulation of food and lodging establishments, public swimming pools, hazardous and solid waste disposal and body art establishments. Education resources on food safety, groundwater protection and hazardous waste management and disposal. Consultation and information on indoor air quality, mold, radon and public health nuisance removal.

  3. Public Health Emergency Preparedness

    Promoting awareness and preparedness for public health emergencies.