1. Assignment Plan

    Learn about the Assignment Plan, and view the Annual Calendar Plan.

  2. Child Support

    Review information regarding child support.

  3. Conciliation / Small Claims Court

    Get detailed information about conciliation or small claims court.

  4. Court-Appointed Attorneys / Public Defenders

    Learn about court-appointed attorneys, also known as public defenders.

  5. Court Records

    Access public court records.

  6. Criminal Expungements

    Find out how to expunge (seal) your criminal record.

  7. Domestic Abuse / Order for Protection

    Find out how to request an order for protection.

  8. Early Neutral Evaluation

    Visit the Minnesota Judicial Branch website to learn about Early Neutral Evaluation.

  9. Family Court

    Read about Family Court.

  10. Harassment Restraining Orders

    Learn how to request a restraining order.

  1. Judgments

    Review information about different types of judgments and judgment searches.

  2. Juvenile Court

    Get information about Juvenile Court services.

  3. Landlords, Tenant Eviction Process

    Review the eviction process.

  4. Law Library

    Visit the Law Library.

  5. Self Help Centers

  6. Name Changes

    Request a name change.

  7. Probate / Mental Health Court

    Read about the Probate Court's jurisdiction.

  8. Subpoenas

    Learn about subpoenas.

  9. Traffic and Non-Traffic Violations

    See detailed information about receiving and paying traffic violations or citations.

  10. Weddings Performed by Judge

    Schedule a wedding.