Educational Programming

Anoka County Community Corrections provides educational programming to help juvenile offenders achieve healthy and responsible lives. 

Actions for Constructive Thinking (ACT)  

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Operated by contract by licensed therapist services, referrals to this program are for first time shoplifters or property offenders who are deemed as not a serious threat to the community. Directions to Anoka Professional Building, Jackson Street.

STOP Program

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Operated by the Anoka County Community Corrections Department, referrals to this program are for youth displaying use of alcohol or illegal substances such as marijuana. Directions to Anoka Professional Building, Jackson Street.

Positive Actions/Responsible Thinking (PART)

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Operated by contract by licensed therapy services, referrals to this program are for more serious theft and property offenders. Directions to Anoka Professional Building, Jackson Street.

Peaceful Alternatives

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Operated by Mediation Services for Anoka County, referrals to this program are for children ages 12 to 16 in need of skills to reduce anger, communicate effectively, resolve conflict and solve problems. 

Chemical Dependency Evaluation

If the court orders a Chemical Dependency Evaluation, it must be completed by the due date given by the judge.

Thinking for a Change

Thinking for a Change (T4C) is a cognitive–behavioral curriculum designed to assist with changing the criminogenic thinking of offenders. T4C is a cognitive–behavioral therapy (CBT) program that includes cognitive restructuring, social skills development, and the development of problem-solving skills. The program is divided into 25 lessons (each lasting approximately 1-2 hours) or two per week for twelve weeks. Transportation assistance is available. The curriculum is designed to be implemented with small groups of 8-12 high risk offenders as an alternative to out-of-home placement.

Letter of Apology

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A letter of apology is an opportunity to address the harm done to victims and the community.

Victim Impact Report

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This program is operated by Mediation Services of Anoka County. Juveniles may be referred to participate in the mediation program for low level property crimes, misdemeanor assaults, disorderly conduct, or school related issues that have escalated into delinquent conduct. 

Family Group Conferencing

Family Group Decision Making (FGDM) is a process that brings parents, extended family members and caring professionals together to develop a plan to ensure that children are protected and nurtured. The case manager introduces the service to the family and together they agree on problems to be resolved. The family decides whom they want to invite to the meeting. Referral information is forwarded by the case manager to one of the contracted services.